Wednesday, July 15, 2020

What's the time chickens and puffins....

Family 5 - Leistungskurs Leben (1981-1984)
Richard Pinhas - Chronolyse
The Night Flight Orchestra - Aeromantic
Various Composers - Best Of Baroque Music
KMRU - Erased EP
Quincy Jones - All Time Greats
Bill Spooner - First Chud
Various Artists - The Very Best Of Éthiopiques: Cult Hits From The Original Series
Family 5 - Was Zählt
The Passage - Pindrop
GoGo Penguin - GoGo Penguin
Fehlfarben - Monarchie und Alltag (Live)
Hail Spirit Noir - Eden In Reverse
Kane Roberts - Under A Wild Sky
The Martin Hall Concept - Cutting Through
Roger Waters - Pros & Cons of New York
Cosmic Ground - The Watcher
Family 5 - Das Blaue vom Himmel
Holmboe - The Complete String Quartets
g.rag/zelig implosion deluxxe - Hemdendienst 2020-05-08
Family 5 - Die Neueste Terroridee Des Verrückten Oberst / Play Great Ones
Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters
KMRU - East
KMRU - Odra
Lucier - Works for the Ever Present Orchestra
Icebreaker - Rogue's Gallery
Milton Nascimento - Clube Da Esquina
The Sixteen - Love's Goddess Sure Was Blind
Various Artists - A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol. 2
Robert Fripp - Music For Quiet Moments
The Jazz Crusaders - Tough Talk
Ragnarok - Ragnarok
Palais Schaumburg - Lupa
Purcell - A Purcell Companion
Sault - 5
Palais Schaumburg - Parlez-vous Schaumburg
Elder - Omens
Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways
g.rag/zelig implosion deluxxe - Laut Los
Rimsky-Korsakov - Sheherazade, The Tale Of Tsar Saltan
Slowly Rolling Camera - Juniper
The Jazz Crusaders - Looking Ahead (RM)
Kocian Quartet - Franck; Lalo : String Quartets
Cosmic Ground - Relics Vol 3
The Comet Is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery
Adams - Fellow Traveler
Bacamarte - Depois Do Fim
Cosmic Ground - Relics Vol 1
KMRU - Jinja Encounters
Matthew Florianz - Improvisations
Sven Berger: Ensemble Villanella - Tugend Und Untugend - German Music From The Time Of Luther
Gade - String Quartets
The Jazz Crusaders - Heatwave
Gazebo - Univision
Various Artists - The Jazz Collection
Various Artists - Blue Break Beats
Various Artists - Feelin' Blue
Various Artists - Blue Note Plays the Beatles
Various Artists - Blue Bop
Various Artists - Blue Break Beats Vol 2
Various Artists - Blue Note Rare Grooves (1967-1971)
Various Artists - A Blue Conception
Various Artists - Blue Juice
Various Artists - Blue Bossa
Various Artists - Righteousness
Various Artists - Capitol Rare: Funky Notes from the West Coast Vol. 3
Steve Harley - Cockney Rebel
Gentle Giant - Proclamation (2020)

Reasonable up time....

Listening to recent as yet unlistened to acquisitions...

...while getting this never ending project up to date...

The view from the office this morning...

The refilled iPhone 8 is entertaining - I have amended two other carriers too - the iPod Touch now has purely best of compilations by around 100 of my faves, while the iPhone 4 has been amended to holding the majority of my Blue Note compilations (hence the plethora thereof in the playlist today)...

Later, a new clock arrived...

Later still, it was moved to a new position...

...swapped with our feathered friends, those at the top having been painted by Anne's mum along time ago...

Home made Fish & Chips for tea tonight, with mushy peas and lashings of salt & vinegar...

...and, both at lunchtime and this evening, "The Level" continues to entertain...

...and, on the internet, a reunion of sorts of the members of Gentle Giant...

...which was very welcome indeed and which will feature on the podcast this week...

In the classical project of 100 pieces, finally moved into modernity with this from Mr Ives...

...who, like me, decided against a full time career in music (though created a lot of excellent work), opting instead to be funded by "the man"...

Extremely tired today and, after already having spent some time this evening fast asleep, I hit the sack just before midnight...

The random record of the day, another by the Coop, will have to wait till tomorrow now...

Highlight of the Day : New clock...

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