26 April 2023
This morning David created a new track "Open Him Up" incorporating the soundtrack to a video of a gambler at a race track trying to encourage his horse to win. It also includes samples of two guitarscapes, "The Crucifixion" and "The Appearance of Christ to the People" and comes with two alt mixes.  Available for 7 days from today via this link at WeTransfer -

23 April 2023
Latest rehearsal for Capital Models took place in Roslin today.  The boys in the band - Paul, John, Stu and Keith..

22 April 2023
A surprise release today from Cloudland Blue Quartet, which you can find here...

Created for Record Store Day, using the pool of  covers demos recorded in February and March...

David has put together the equivalent of a 2CD set, featuring 35 tracks...

Every song is a first take, vocal-wise - indeed he'd never sung many of these songs prior to the performances released here...

For those reasons, listeners will undoubtedly spot fluffs and errors from the very off (e.g. a miscue in "Your Song", the shocking end section of "Quicksand") as he makes his way through the catalogues of David Bowie (11), The Velvet Underground (5), Lou Reed (4), Bryan Ferry (3), The Sweet (2), Elton John (2), T Rex (2), Roxy Music (2), Cockney Rebel (2), Alice Cooper (1) and Mott the Hoople (1) on what he has called, "GLAM!"...

21 April 2023
This morning, David created a remix created for a new Blue Sun Chasing track, "I say your name every day so you will never be forgotten", which BSC has added it to his release...

You can find it here, although you have to download the EP to get access to the CBQ remix, of which there is also a 7" version...

16 April 2023
From the diary:-

"A further attempted performance recorded...

45 minutes of fun..."

12 April 2023
 The loop station, bought in August 2005 and used on just one record since then, was once again integrated into the set up but not yet tried out...

9 April 2023
From the diary:-

"Into the back room and fired up the machines for a rehearsal for next year's proposed Newcastle gig..."

"It was recorded and resulted in this which I have offered to the gig organiser to distribute via a QR code in his fanzine..."

"Let's see..."

7 April 2023
This morning saw the release of the latest two recordings from Crispycat...

Cloudland Blue Quartet's "Dissolution III"

You can find it here...

...and Creek's 13th archive release, a set recorded on 17 March 1998...

...which is available here...

In addition to that work, David also ran through the proposed Capital Models Wedding Sets for July...

6 April 2023
Today, David created the third and forth pieces for "The Dark Room" project, with a 12" and 7" mix completed for each...

5 April 2023
From the diary:-

"To work, uploading this Friday's Creek release, the 13th session...

Also created a quick remix of a track from session 14...

Might be an idea to do one for a track from each session...

We'll see..."

4 April 2023

David worked on a "7 Inch" mix of the new track from Sunday and created a second, with both 12" and 7" mixes...

The unreleased works are piling up for the year...

2 April 2023
From the diary:-

"I have accepted an invitation to perform my "non-song" material (it will be the first time I've done this) next year, in Newcastle...

So, I fired up the machines and created something from scratch on the CS5 synth - in a "live concert" stylee..."

"Of course, then I had to make it more complicated by introducing various loops I had on the hard drive..."

"...which I wouldn't do at a performance...

Before I knew it, I had "accidentally" created the first track for what may be yet another new LP, "The Dark Room" (title from Eno's 1995 diary entry for 2 April)..."

1 April 2023
Today, David used the Infinite String Quartet system to produce a second string quartet (the first is on his 2015 CBQ LP, "Four Last Things")...

It sounds somewhat the same (given the use of the same elements) and David is unsure if it will see the light of day...

We'll see...

Good cover created though...

30 March 2023
From the diary:-

"In the afternoon, with Anne out re something or other I can no longer recall, I recorded 6 covers...

On her return, while she prepped a very tasty but unpictured pasta Bolognese, I recorded 12 more...

Takes my covers total up to over 300 (18 hours) since early February..."

29 March 2023
Work this morning to turn the 3 minute "best mix of a new thing" winner, into a full LP...

Done and out on Bandcamp just after 11...

26 March 2023
First Capital Models rehearsal with Vassia on backing vocals...

Old men trying to work things out...

And re CBQ, it turns out the 3 minute track created on 21st March for Tengu God was the winner!

$10 prize...

25 March 2023
David was rehearsing today along with "tapes" of the band...

...preparing for tomorrow...

22 March 2023
From the diary:-

"Oh, and "What did you do this afternoon, Dave?"...

Well, I recorded a further 19 covers (making 285 different songs since 7 February)...

It might be called "There's Been a Murder" but it can never be released!

Today, I killed Paul McCartney, The Who, Gerry Rafferty, Freda Payne, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, The Sweet, Supertramp, Fats Domino, Steppenwolf, The Doors, Neil Sedaka, Simon & Garfunkel, Elvis Presley, Rush & Led Zeppelin. Ouch!"

21 March 2023
Today, David worked up a new piece based very loosely on a few of a plethora of stems received from Mr Da Tengu God...

"Saturn Sleet Rise Effect", a single, 2 tracks, 6 minutes, with the WAV files available to download from WeTransfer for 7 days - probably gone by the time you read this...

20 March 2023
A third mix of "Circular" was worked on today - this time a quintet - the LP is coming on...

And so David advised the pipeline...

...which, at the rate of one every two months will take things through to October with just "Disquietmusik VII" and the end of year round ups to get "in the can"...

19 March 2023
More work on the saxophone project, with a revision of the trio version of "Circular", adding a different bass line from Tim Webb...

And working on a first mix of a piece based around Joe's third sax solo...

18 March 2023
Today, Blue Sun Chasing released the trio project with Cloudland Blue Quartet and Edward Spark, "Front Porch"...

You can find it here...

In addition to this, David reported more enjoyable further work on the Joe Higham project - today working in an old bass track from Tim Webb...

17 March 2023
No singing today but a second mix of "Circular" completed...

16 March 2023
David worked today on the new project with Brussels based saxophonist Joe Higham, remixing yesterday's "Departure" and creating a new piece, "Circular"...

15 March 2023
Over the course of the afternoon, David recorded two parts of a set of 25 covers, including 5 new ones...

Progress also made on the collaborative piece with Joe Higham," Departure"...

14 March 2023
From the diary:-

"I had a new idea for the "Front Porch" project and set about creating that.  Divide the 36 minute piece into 3 minute or so sections and have three series of the trio, Blue Sun Chasing solo, Edward Spark solo, CBQ solo...

It worked very well indeed...

Later, I was able to re-record setlists 2 & 3 of my "top" covers..."

13 March 2023
David was working again today on the "Front Porch" project re his trio with Edward Spark and Blue Sun Chasing...

Having produced two mixes of the trio piece utilising a "Disquietmusik" guitarscape, a further quiet mix and a mix based on Edward Spark's mix but amended to David's liking and, then, a third using a different guitarscape, he decided to record a brand new piano piece to use instead of the guitars and came up with what he called called the "New Trio Version"...

In the late afternoon, he worked on more music elements which, this time, arrived late last night for another project involving saxophone improvs from Brussels based Joe Higham...

A quick first mix done and an MP3 sent back to Joe - reaction and progress to be made on Wednesday...

Very last thing, a request from Joe for the track with no sax, so he could re-record his part...

12 March 2023
From the diary:-

"Upstairs, firstly, I set about recording the first "Covers Set" re my compiling this morning - with 12 songs being given a run through...

And, secondly, I was provided with stems for a new three way project with Edward Spark and Blue Sun Chasing (form York, Pennsylvania) and started work on that...

By midnight, a first draft mix had been set back to Mr Spark..."

8 March 2023
A good part of the day was spent remixing the "Dissolution III" recordings - the first "continuous" mix will now be a bonus - all the tracks were uploaded to Bandcamp today - release date is 7 April...

7 March 2023
From the diary:-

"Elsewhere today, another covers session, 4 songs re-done and 10 new ones added to the fray...


6 March 2023
David worked on "Dissoltion III", follow up to I and II released in April 2021 and 2022 respectively - LPs of piano improvisations and ambience...

Half way through the day, the recording and first mix were done...

4 March 2023
From the diary:-

"Set about locating the lyrics for a further 15 songs and demoed them this morning...

Total recordings since 7 February now come to 311, almost 20 hours of stuff...

We'll see..."

28 February 2023
First demo recordings for four days , as a further 12 songs took the total of songs to almost 300 since 7 February - 18 and a quarter hours of material...

26 February 2023
From the diary:-

"At 11, Vassia arrived and we spent two unphotographed hours on backing vocal ideas for Capital Models playing at her wedding...

Songs covered were "Proud Mary", "Starman", "Satellite of Love", "A Hard Rains-A Gonna Fall", "Stuck in the Middle with You", Make Me Smile" and "Suspicious Minds""...

24 February 2023

 David recorded two versions of the entire "Ziggy Stardust" LP by David Bowie - one singing high (often dreadfully) and one singing low (often stupidly)...

Some tracks may see the light of day at some point, you never know...

22 February 2023
Work today by David on backing vocal ideas for Capital Models' guest backing vocalist Vassia, re a performance planned around her wedding in July...

15 February 2023
After some work on the EQ-ing of the vocals for the "Auden" work in progress yesterday, today 27 new recordings were added in the morning and 24 in the afternoon to the ongoing set of covers...

Total number of recordings since 7 Feb now stands at 181!

13 February 2023
From the diary:-

"Listening back to my covers demos recorded over the last week...

Including the new piece from yesterday...

And decided to take things further on that front...

By the end of the morning, I had the beginnings of a new 8 track song-based LP but still with plenty of work to do"...

12 February 2023
This morning, a Google of  "Cloudland Blue Bandcamp", led to an offer from Bandcamp to report one of the songs on the Bacharach EP for possible copyright infringement, or, indeed, the whole site - so the EP was taken down and has become a true collector's item!

Following that disappointment, David commenced work on a new idea, using piano tracks and the poetry of W H Auden re two books bought a while back with just such a thing in mind...

A new piece, with synth and rhythm track also included, was created...

"Voltaire at Ferney" is the title, for now anyway...

11 February 2023
The recordings continued today with a further seven piano only covers and nine "full band" items...

Total recorded since 7 February now up to 122...

10 February 2023
From the diary...

"Late last night it was announced that Burt Bacharach had died...

And here I was in the midst of a new project to record "songs I like" - and, so, there are many by Mr B written with Hal David which come into that bracket...

I sourced some tracks last thing and, this morning, I set about recording 8 Bacharach songs - it would have been 9 but I discovered I don't really "know" "The Look of Love" despite loving it...

So it goes...

And so, this morning a new CBQ EP was issued on Bandcamp"...

In addition to that, further demos of songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan were added to the growing collection...

9 February 2023
From the diary today...

"A veritable "shitload" of Beatles songs were recorded today - hearing the music without the singing led me to more appreciate the writing...

Late on some Elvis joined the fray...

Rough demos recorded so far:-
Tuesday 10
Wednesday 49!!
Thursday 45!!

So, over a hundred songs recorded in three days - because all I need to do is sing them...

And I have sourced loads of tracks that I am "aware" of but don't "know"...

8 February 2023
Despite being under the weather with Covid, David worked again on covers demos, recording an amazing 42 full band songs and, not content with that, a further 7 backed by solo piano......

7 February 2023
Today, David commenced a new project, recording demos of cover versions...

The first session produced 10 songs by the likes of Mott the Hoople, The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, David Bowie and Alice Cooper...

5 February 2023
Today, Capital models temporarily became a sextet...

An unpictured Vassia Bouchagiar joined, adding vocals - she is a friend of drummer John and the band will play at her wedding in the summer.  The hope is she will perform a few songs with them at the wedding and today was the start of moving towards that...

Some considerable time was spent learning/working out new songs and changing keys on old songs to fit Vassia's range.

In all, five new songs were added to the repertoire along with another which this line up has never plated (last played 2014)...

An enjoyable session...

3 February 2023
The first two new releases on Crispycat Recordings were issued today...

Firstly, Creek XIII, comprising the eleventh Creek session, following an almost 3 month break. It was recorded on a Monday evening in February 1998, in the back shop at Reptile Records.  For the forst time, the band was a trio as Craig Sutherland could not attend the session...

And, secondly, "Fallentime", a collaboration between Edward Spark and Cloudland Blue Quartet, featuring remixed elements of previous recordings by Mr Spark along with Disquietmusik guitar from Mr Quartet. The download bundle includes two initial 50 minute mixes of Edward Spark music created by Cloudland Blue Quartet in July 2021.

The download bundle includes two 50 minute alternate mixes of the entire work...

28 January 2023
Further Capital Models work was carried out today with preparation being made for the third release, "Maskless", originally released on 5 December1980, after the band had split, comprising 11 tracks taken from rehearsal and live tapes.  The release will add one newly discovered bonus track.

"Maskless" will be re-released in December 2023.

In addition, a recording of the band's final concert of its initial era was discovered.  Made during the Edinburgh Festival on 26 August 1980.

The 15 song live set will be released for the first time, in August 2023...

Finally, some work was carried out on the tapes from the 2011 reunion of the band but no decision has yest been made on any possible release...

27 January 2023
Work commenced today on the preparation of the second Capital Models release "Breaking Silence", a six track EP originally released in May 1980 - it will be re-released in May 2023...

The release will include six bonus tracks in the form of rough mixes of the main pieces...

26 January 2023
Recorded on 26 January 1980, the debut album of Edinburgh New Wave band Capital Models, contemporaries of the Scars, Josef K and TV21 and led by David Reilly (aka Cloudland Blue Quartet) is released to Bandcamp on its 43rd anniversary.

Click on the cover to go to Bandcamp

The LP is available to stream for free or to download on a "name your price" basis (which, of course, includes "free")

The download bundle contains two bonus tracks, alternative takes of the live favourites, "Share This Faith" and "Orifix".

If you download the WAV files, you can create your own CD or have them pressed privately to an LP!

The world is your oyster!

This is the first of a few planned archive releases from the band

15 January 2023
Here's an update on Crispycat Recordings' current release schedule for 2023 - all CBQ releases dates are, however, subject to change.

Cloudland Blue Quartet Expected Releases for 2023
Fallentime (with Edward Spark) (completed 30/10/22) - due 3 February
Dissolution III (due to commence March 2023) - due 7 April
Bartok (completed 27/11/22) - due 2 June
The Neu! Variations (completed 13/12/22) - due 4 August
The Slow Cage (commenced 12/09/22 - ongoing) - due 6 October
Disquietmusik VII (due to commence November 2023) - due 1 December
Twentytwentythree: The Originals (Best of 2023) (Due to be compiled December 2023) - due 25 December
Twentytwentythree (2023 Unreleased, remixes etc) (Due to be compiled December 2023) - due 31 December


Creek Releases for 2023
Creek X (1997-11-13) - 2 track single - released 6 January
Creek XI (1998-02-02) - 3 track LP - due 3 February
Creek XII (1998-02-10) - 4 track EP - due 3 March
Creek XIII (1998-02-17) - 4 track LP - due 7 April
Creek XIV (1998-02-24) - 2 track EP - due 5 May
Creek XV (1998-03-03) - 4 track LP - due 2 June
Creek XVI (1998-03-10) - 4 track LP - due 7 July
Creek XVII (1998-03-17) - 4 track LP - due 4 August
Creek XVIII (1998-08-01) - 1 track EP - due 1 September
Creek XIX (1998-11-19) - 6 track LP - due 6 October
Creel XX (1998-11-26) - 4 track LP - due 3 November
Creek XXI (1998-12-01) - 4 track LP - due 1 December

In addition to these, there may be live and archival releases by Capital Models and archive releases from David's pre CBQ noms de plume, Sombre Reptiles and The Heavenly Music Corporation

Finally, the latest update on the long-awaited 12 LP vinyl box set, "British Cassette Culture Vol.2", which will include 2 double LPs by David Reilly under the names DDHR and Sombre Reptiles, is that it has now been pushed back further by Vinyl on Demand to some time in 2024 (it was originally due to be released in 2021).

VOD 183 VARIOUS British Cassette Culture Vol.2 12 LP
Bourbonese Qualk
The Pump (pre Nocturnal Emissions)
Robert I Gillham (NCP / Aconite)
Stress 2 LP
DDHR / David Reilly 2 LP
Sombre Reptiles 2 LP

6 January 2023
Today sees the release of the 10th Creek archive session, recorded twenty-five days after session nine, on a Friday evening in November, 1997, in the back shop at Reptile Records, it was the last of that year and, next month we move into 1998 in this ongoing project.

Just two tracks feature on this release, making it a quasi 7" single

1. Thinking About the Movie 06:56
2. Cognitive Tension 05:22

31 December 2022
Crispycat Recordings closes off the year with the final release from Cloudland Blue Quartet, "Twentytwentytwo", a collection of 23 songs, soundscapes, demos, covers and remixes from across the spectrum of music recorded by Cloudland Blue Quartet from January to December 2022, including a selection of collaborations and "integrations" with Edward Spark, Creek, Capital Models and Blue Sun Chasing. Included amongst the tracks are previews of the upcoming 2023 releases "Fallentime", "Bartok" "The Neu! Variations" and "The Slow Cage". The download bundle includes 5 bonus tracks.

25 December 2022
Released on Christmas Day 2022, "Twentytwentytwo: The Originals" is a collection of twelve soundscapes features one track from each of the 12 albums issued by Cloudland Blue Quartet during 2022, all of which, including extensive bonus material for those who download, remain available exclusively on Bandcamp.

Variations on Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" Vol I (February)
The Uncertainty Touch (March)
Dissolution II (April)
Variations on Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" Vol II (May)
Flight665 (June)
Wagner (July)
Variations on Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" Vol III (August)
387 (September)
Gewitter (October)
Variations on Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" Vol IV (November)
Disquietmusik VI (December)
Twentytwentytwo (December)

The album is issued a week before the final record of the year "Twentytwentytwo", due on New Year's Eve, which will close off the year's work, by bringing together an extensive collection of previously unreleased songs, soundscapes, demos and remixes created during the last twelve months.

17 December 2022
A quick catch up on upcoming releases from Crispycat Recordings between now and the end of 2023.  From Cloudland Blue Quartet, planned releases comprise the two end of year collections, "Twentytwentytwo: The Originals", out on Xmas Day and "Twentytwentytwo", out on New Year's Eve. Then, throughout 2023, there's a collaborational LP with Edward Spark "Fallentime", an album based on the music of Bela Bartok in the "composer" series, the third in the piano and ambience series "Dissolution", the just announced "Neu! Variations" set, a seventh in the "Disquietmusik" series, and an album based on 1989 synthesiser recordings, currently mooted as "The Slow Cage".  And the release of the Creek archive will continue, with a further 12 sets due to be released on a monthly basis throughout 2023.

In all then, 20 new releases over the next year. Much to look forward to!



13 December 2022
David reports in his diary today that he has recorded a new album for release in 2023, a set six of variations on the music of German band, Neu!, who released 3 LPs in the 1970's "Neu!", "Die Zweite Neu!" and "Neu! 75".  He described it on Twitter as "the best Neu! album you've never heard (yet)".


4 December 2022
Capital Models convene again today for further rehearsals towards live performances in 2023. Here, in sunnier times, are, L-R, Stu Cobley (Guitar), Keith Apter (Bass), Paul Reynolds (Keyboards).

2 December 2022
 Today sees the release of  CBQ's, "Disquietmusik VI" LP, comprising more of his signature Guitarscapes, similar to Robert Fripp's "Frippertronics". Volumes I-V (2017-2021) are also available on Bandcamp.  In addition, the ninth instalment of Creek's archive improvisational releases "Creek IX 1997-10-19" is also out today on Bandcamp.

30 November 2022
Saturday 3 December will see the publication of the Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection 2022 Vol 48. Due to new restrictions being introduced by Mixcloud, the number of back catalogue shows available for listening will be reduced from almost 600 to just 10.  The shows being removed from the site will become drafts, able to made live again as required.  The plan, going forward, is to have the latest broadcast available for listening, plus one broadcast from each year from 2014 to 2021, usually from the same week of the year as the current show.

28 November 2022
Seven new guitar improvisations for the sixth edition of the CBQ series, "Disquietmusik" were recorded today, followed by treatments and production on the raw tracks.  The album will be released on Friday 2 December on Bandcamp, with download bundle extras comprising three alternative versions of the LP, "Reversed", "16 RPM" and "16 RPM Reversed".

24 November 2022
David has revealed in the diary that he has been working on another new project based on a particular composer, this time, Bartok.  If this is released, it will not be until 2023.

20 November 2022
Capital Models commenced rehearsals on 20 November, for proposed 2023 performances.

16 November 2022
In what has become an annual event, CBQ's, "Disquietmusik VI" LP, comprising more of his signature Guitarscapes, similar to Robert Fripp's "Frippertronics", will be released on Bandcamp on 2 December, 2022. Volumes I-V (2017-2021) are also available on Bandcamp.

15 November 2022
Creek IX by Creek, the latest archival improvisation session, dating from 1997, will be released on Bandcamp on 2 December, 2022. Creek I-VIII and the new 2022 remix collection, "Fake Leopard Coat" are all available on Bandcamp.

8 November 2022
An end of year collection of previously unreleased CBQ related recordings and remixes, made during 2022, "Twentytwentytwo", will be made available on New Year's Eve on Bandcamp.

7 November 2022
An end of year CBQ compilation, "Twentytwentytwo: The Originals", comprising tracks from the, by then, eleven 2022 CBQ releases thus far, plus a preview of the final release of the year, will be issued on Bandcamp on Xmas Day.

News from March to November 2022 will be added shortly...

16 March 2022
A picture today on David’s blog revealed a possible schedule of releases for 2022 for Cloudland Blue Quartet, including a further three volumes of his “Metal Machine Music” variations, “The Uncertainty Touch” (originally available as an MP3 album for just 7 days back in November), a new classical set based on the music of Wagner, a second volume of his piano music series “Dissolution”, a sixth set of “Disquietmusik” and an end of year round up “2022”.  As to whether all or indeed any of these are released, we’ll wait and see.

11 March 2022
Capital Models – Live, Saturday 14 May
Roslin Masonic Hall, 21 Main St, Roslin, EH25 9LD; Bar 7pm-12am
An Evening of 60’s & 70’s Music; All profits to Roslin & Bilston First Responders

This May sees Capital Models return to the stage for the first time since January 2020 for a performance postponed from last December due to Covid, when they will play a fund raiser for a defibrillator in the town of Roslin, just south of Edinburgh.

The line up (the 15th version of the band since its founding in 1979 – but one which has been constant now for over 3 years) is David Reilly (Cloudland Blue Quartet, Creek) on guitar and vocals, Stu Cobley (Creek) on guitar, Paul Reynolds (ex-Pure Bears) on Keyboards, Keith Apter (Capital Models 2nd Drummer in 1980) on bass and Roslin’s very own Johnny Weitzen on drums.

They’ll play two sets of 60s and 70s covers featuring songs by Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Roxy Music along with crowd pleasers from the likes of Neil Diamond, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers and Van Morrison.

The night runs from 7 till midnight but get along early as attendance is limited to just 80.

4 March 2022
David is on record as saying that his album from last March, the piano and ambience based “Dissolution” is one his favourite pieces of work.  Today, on the same day that saw new LPs by both Creek and CBQ released, David recorded “Dissolution II”.  Comprising ten new piano pieces, again over an ambient bed, this new record is slated for an early March 2022 releas

4 March 2022
Today saw the release of the second CBQ record of 2022.  With this release, “The Uncertainty Touch”, Cloudland Blue Quartet accepted a challenge to create a new album utilising material originally created by The Cheeky Girls. He has succeeded! He has made one of the most reviled singles in music history more “listenable”. The main LP is the equivalent of a 2LP set or a single CD. Downloaders receive five bonus tracks (a further 80 minutes or so), giving, in total, the equivalent of two double LPs or 2CD set.

4 March 2022
Today saw the release of the first Creek record since 2004’s “Somewhere Between” as “Fake Leopard Coat” hit Bandcamp this morning.  It features two brand new mixes in the 25th anniversary year for Edinburgh Electronic Improvisational Quartet, comprising Cloudland Blue Quartet, Stuart Cobley, Alan Brodie and Edward Spark. For downloaders there’s a whole CD’s worth of music from across the band’s back catalogue, which is set to be re-released throughout 2022 in its entirety via Crispycat – having only previously been very briefly available on cassette or, indeed, never before release

13 February 2022
Following a break of 12 weeks while drummer Johnny Weitzen recovered from Covid, Capital Models returned to rehearsals today.  It’s hoped the gig originally planned for 4 December last year will now be able to be rearranged…

5 February 2022
David was interviewed and photographed today for a proposed article in the Daily MAil re his record collection.

4 February 2022
The first of four volumes of “Variations on Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music"" is released today. With this series of releases, Cloudland Blue Quartet has undertaken the difficult task of trying to make one of the most reviled albums in music history more “listenable”. Each of the four sets of variations (this is the first of four “MMM” albums planned for 2022) are the equivalent of a new 2LP set or single CD. Downloaders receive eight bonus tracks (a further 129 minutes), giving the equivalent of a further two double LPs or 2 CDs.

26 January 2022
Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the recording of Capital Models debut album “The Sweet Thrill of Industry”.  David is the only remaining member of the band who appeared on those recordings.

22 January 2022
David spent part of the day working on the first of four volumes of his “Variations on Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music””.  The album is due to be released at the start of February.

17 January 2022
David spent time today working on a remix of a remix as he added some CBQ-ness to an Edward Spark mix of a track by Scottish rapper, Wurrd Jenkins.  It’s unclear whether this will ever see the light of day…

15 January 2022
David reported in his diary today that, at last, Capital Models drummer, Johnny Weitzen is back out and about following a prolonged period of being confined to barracks by Covid.  The band had to cancel their planned gig on 4 December due to John falling ill.  It is hoped rehearsals will start again soon.

12 January 2022
In his early posts of 2022 over on the Cloudland Blue blog, David has revealed he is working on a project re the long deleted back catalogue recordings of Edinburgh electronic improvisational quartet, Creek, the majority of which was only ever available on cassette from Reptile Records back in the late ’90s.

It seems there is a plan, throughout 2022, which will see the 25th anniversary of Creek (their first session took place on 1 June 1997), to make all of the band’s sessions available on Bandcamp, joining their 2004 LP “Somewhere Between” on the platform.  That record is, currently, the only available item from the group’s output.

The quartet has never officially disbanded, although its quarter of a century history contains multi-year periods of inactivity.

There has been no fully new material recorded since 2015 – and not all of the four members, David, Craig Sutherland (aka Edward Spark), Stuart Cobley (Capital Models) and Alan Brodie (ex-Disco Complex, Love Parade, Dancers of San Martino, Boom & Crazy Wisdom) have appeared on all the recordings to be re-issued.

An initial introductory release is mooted, tentatively entitled “Fake Leopard Coat”, comprising two new 2022 mixes, featuring elements of a further ten tracks to be included in the collection, one piece recorded or remixed in each of the 10 years in which the group has been active, in one form or another (1997-99, 2003-05, 2011, 2015, 2018-19).

As ever with Creek though, it’s very much a case of “watch this space” as, while David has noted this project to be his “intention”, he has also noted that this undertaking will involve “a shitload of work, so it may not come to fruition”.

31 December 2021
After last week’s quasi “Best of CBQ’s Work in 2021”, here is the final CBQ album of 2021, the 14th album in all and 15th release in what has been an extremely prolific year

“Twentytwentyone” is a 2CD equivalent collection of 29 previously unreleased songs, soundscapes, demos and remixes from across the spectrum of music recorded by Cloudland Blue Quartet from January to December 2021, including a selection of collaborations and “integrations” with Edward Spark, Tim Webb, Stu Cobley and Capital Models

It’s available on Bandcamp to stream for free or to download on a “name your price” basis (which, of course, includes “free”)

For downloaders, there are a further 28 tracks in the bundle, taking the duration up to almost 6 hours. In all, the album is the equivalent of 5CD/9LP set

If you download the WAV files, you can create your own CD box set or have them pressed privately to LPs

The world is your oyster!

We hope you enjoy this last hurrah of 2021 and here’s to 2022

Happy New Year!

25 December 2021
Merry Christmas Everybody (as Slade once famously sang).

For Xmas – and in anticipation of New Year’s Eve’s “Twentytwentyone”, an extensive collection of previously unreleased songs, soundscapes, demos and remixes created over the last twelve months – “Twentytwentyone : The Originals” brings together four songs and eight instrumentals from across the 14 records released by Cloudland Blue Quartet during 2021

All of those releases, including extensive bonus material for those who download, remain available, exclusively on Bandcamp.

We hope you enjoy this snapshot of what Cloudland Blue Quartet’s been doing over the last year.

Thanks to everyone who has played, listened to, talked about, downloaded and supported CBQ music during 2021.

Looking forward to 2022

3 December 2021
Recorded just two days ago, late on Wednesday night, with treatment and production taking place early yesterday morning, the fifth in the guitarscapes/Frippertronics series “Disquietmusik” is released today on Bandcamp.

The five track album has a duration of around 40 minutes but, for those who download, there’s a further 3.5 hours of bonuses, comprising three alternative versions of the album, reversed, 16 RPM and 16RPM reversed, each of which puts a unique slant on the material.

Also today, reversed, 16 RPM and 16RPM reversed versions were added to the original “Disquietmusik” LP from 2017 and to “Disquietmusik II” originally released the following year.

Over the five volumes so far, CBQ has now released around thirty hours of these excellent improvisations and the various treatments thereof.

We’re already looking forward to “Disquietmusik VI” towards the end of 2022.

2 December 2021
Unfortunately, Saturday’s gig by Capital Models has had to be called off due to drummer Johnny Weitzen contracting Covid and becoming too ill to be able to play.

The band hopes to rearrange for late January.

We wish Johnny and, indeed, his wife Moira, speedy recoveries

Watch this space

27 November 2021
Capital Models – Live, Saturday 4 December
Roslin Masonic Hall, 21 Main St, Roslin, EH25 9LD; Bar 7pm-12am
An Evening of 60’s & 70’s Music; All profits to Roslin & Bilston First Responders

Capital Models return to the stage for the first time since January 2020 next weekend when they play a fund raiser for a defibrillator in the town of Roslin, just south of Edinburgh.

The line up (the 18th version of the band since its founding in 1979 – but one which has been constant now for over 3 years) is David on guitar and vocals, Stu Cobley of Creek on guitar, Paul Reynolds (ex-Pure Bears) on Keyboards, Keith Apter (former drummer with the band) on bass and Roslin’s own Johnny Weitzen on drums.

They’ll play two sets of 60s and 70s covers featuring songs by Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Roxy Music and crowd pleasers from the likes of Neil Diamond, Glen Campbell, The Monkees, Kenny Rogers and Van Morrison.

The night runs from 7 till midnight but get along early as attendance is limited to just 80.

Please Note : Johnny Weitzen is currently isolating re contracting Covid but hopes to be well for the performance – if anything changes, it’ll be posted here.

20 November 2021
Following the release of his two Brian Eno projects in October and November, there now look to be at least a further five new projects being lined up for possible future release.

Firstly, the fifth in the “Disquietmusik” Frippertronics series is set for early December and should be followed at the end of the year by a compilation of previously unreleased 2021 recordings.

In addition to those, a classical series project on the music of Wagner appears to be underway.

A third “variations” series release, based on Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” was unveiled in today’s podcast, as was a swift set, “The Uncertainty Touch”, based around the opening of The Cheeky Girls’ biggest hit single (but which thankfully, sounds nothing like The Cheeky Girls).

This last item, 50 minutes, recorded on 19 November, has been made available on a limited basis as a free MP3 download until 26 November here (“The Uncertainty Touch” – Free MP3 Download)

It’s all go at Crispycat recordings!

5 November 2021
CBQ’s “Variation on Brian Eno’s “Music For Airports”” is out now!

Like last month’s companion LP, “Variation on Brian Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon””, it stems from a chance conversation re “the 1st 3 CDs you bought”.

And, like its companion, this almost simultaneously recorded piece is based on replica loops of phrases used by Eno in his original work.

Piano & choir phrases used on “2/1” and “1/2” from his seminal ambient album “Music For Airports” from 1978, are set out in chance formations, along with a new CBQ guitarscape, created by the treatment and manipulation of three pieces from the “Disquietmusik” Frippertronics series.

The three elements are combined to form a new 80 minute variation of “Music For Airports”, available to stream for free or to download on a Name Your Price basis.

Bonuses for downloaders comprise the three separate 80 minute elements:-
“Smiling Reservoir Crucifixion (Guitarscape)”
“Music For Airports Choir Variation”
“Music For Airports Solo Piano”

23 October 2021
Based on what David’s been writing in his blog “Cloudland Blue : A Diary” recently and saying in his “Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection” podcasts, there are at least three new CBQ albums in the offing.

These are, the second of his Brian Eno variations, “Music For Airports”, which appears to be ready for release, a sixth album in his “classical” series, “Wagner”, currently a work in progress and the about to be recorded fifth in his “Disquietmusik” guitarscape/Frippertronics series, “Disquietmusik V”.

In addition to this, a live outing for Capital Models is mooted for late November, with rehearsals in full swing.  A date has not yet been confirmed.

Finally, he has been working on further CBQ remixes of Edward Spark’s pieces “The Curse” and “Whatmoved”, the releases or otherwise of which, will be up to Mr Spark to decide.

Watch this space…

1 October 2021
Following on from the preview of a couple of excerpts on David’s podcast last week, Crispycat Recordings today releases the 29th CBQ soundscapes album in the form of the snappily titled “Variation on Brian Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon”.

Stemming from a chance conversation about “the first three CDs you bought” (David’s 1st was Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon” in October 1985), this 62 minute piece uses replicas of the piano, sine wave, drone and shimmer loops used by Eno on the original recording, along with half speed “sky saw” guitar recorded by David in 1997 for the briefly available 2CD set “Flitterkram: The Music of Fripp & Eno” and comes with two hours of bonus material for downloaders.

Listener, Andrew Wilkinson had a good take on it : “It’s like meeting up with an old friend after a very long time and noticing all the ways in which they have changed, and yet in many ways they’re still the same”

Give it a spin, or, better still, download…

25 September 2021
On his podcast this morning, David played excerpts from new CBQ recordings of “variations” based on Eno’s albums, “Music For Airports” and “Thursday Afternoon”, while the artwork for the two new releases was also revealed…

“Variation on Brian Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon””, which contains elements of the 1997 recording of the same piece, which previously appeared on CBQ’s briefly available album, “Flitterkram : The Music of Fripp & Eno”, is set for release on Friday 1 October, while “Variation on Brian Eno’s “Music For Airports”” is advised as being likely to be released in early 2022…

23 September 2021
Over the last couple of weeks, by way of both his online diary and his Twitter feed, David has revealed a number of new projects he’s working on, which include a new song, possibly to be played by Capital Models, new versions of the Capital Models’ original catalogue from 1979/80, new trio music with Edward Spark and Tim Webb and, as of today, a possible new CBQ album for October, based on Brian Eno’s 61 minute, 1985 ambient release, “Thursday Afternoon”.

David has previously recorded a 30 minute version of this back in 1997, featuring a sky saw guitar solo, which was briefly available on the album “Flitterkram: The Music of Fripp & Eno”, which also included covers of  Fripp & Eno's “Evening Star” and “Swastika Girls” and Eno's “Discreet Music”.

An initial version of the artwork was posted on Twitter today along with a note that work was underway.

3 September 2021
The new CBQ ambient album “Coldclear” is out today.  Here’s what David had to say about it.

“This is a very quiet LP, based on recordings made 1-5 January 1989, three C60 cassettes of guitar and synthesiser through a loop/delay box.

In February this year, I was sending WAV files of my 1977-89 works to the German Record Company Vinyl On Demand, re a vinyl box set due in 2022.

From my diary, “one particular cassette (or rather three), recorded in 1989, of looped guitars & synths, got me thinking and I ended up doing long ambient mixes of the six excerpts I have of those”

I put them to one side and then, in August, on stumbling across them again, I realised that some of the material I’d put together in February, when treating the 1989 tapes, might be used for a new LP.

I compiled 35 minutes of ambience using the opening edits of the six pieces. But I kept finding more short sections in the long works that I thought I could use and so, in the end, twenty six new, relatively short, pieces were created.

The first six ended up being the closing six on the LP – I decided to move them due to their particularly long fade ins, so that, in the context of the whole album, they would be heard post the listener’s attunement to the overall “lack of much happening”

Indeed, many pieces appear to have absolutely nothing going on but far off drones but close listening reveals the almost imperceptible changes created during the treatment process. Of course, others have more obvious elements of change going on too.”

The LP is available from 8am on the Cloudland Blue Quartet Bandcamp Page, free to stream and on a name your price basis to download.  Downloaders receive a bonus bundle of the six full tracks, each lasting between 48 and 54 minutes, from which the 26 tracks on the main LP are taken.

Diverging, Vehicles (More Than Flesh Pt II) 4:53
Everything, Looks (And Blood Can Bare Pt II) 5:05
Mobile, Version (To Be As Sovereign Pt II) 5:24
Releasing, Culture (Over Transmuted Ill Pt II) 4:30
Cruel, Working (Like Patience on a Monument Pt II) 2:56
Picture, Frames (Smiling at Grief Pt II) 4:55
Largely, Suspect (More Than Flesh Pt III) 3:04
On, Arrival (To Be As Sovereign Pt III) 5:48
Her, Favourite (Over Transmuted Ill Pt III) 6:48
Talking, Books (Like Patience on a Monument Pt III) 4:49
Clever, Lateral (Smiling at Grief Pt III) 5:38
Same, Room (More Than Flesh Pt IV) 4:22
Some, Letters (To Be As Sovereign Pt IV) 5:35
Write, Code (Over Transmuted Ill Pt IV) 4:21
New, Criterion (Like Patience on a Monument Pt IV) 4:32
Really, Crisp (Smiling at Grief Pt IV) 3:42
Ever, Increasing (To Be As Sovereign Pt V) 7:05
These, Things (Like Patience on a Monument Pt V) 3:07
Freezing, Cold (Smiling at Grief Pt V) 5:49
Wrong, Side (Like Patience on a Monument Pt VI) 4:23
Cold, Clear (More Than Flesh Pt I) 6:34
Heavy, Paper (And Blood Can Bear Pt I) 5:05
Cold, Bright (To Be As Sovereign Pt I) 4:02
Strong, Low (Over Transmuted Ill Pt I) 9:01
It, Transpires (Like Patience on a Monument Pt I) 6:18
Short, Sleep (Smiling At Grief Pt I) 6:56

28 August 2021
David has previewed some new ambient pieces on his recent podcasts and it has now been announced that a new ambient LP, “Coldclear”, containing 26 relatively short pieces, will be released on Friday 3 September.  The album will be available from Bandcamp to stream and download (on a name your price basis), with the latter option including several hours of bonus material.

24 August 2021
Journalist and broadcaster on PRP-FM & KRVM-FM Radio, Cynthia Orlando, recently interviewed David and the results were published today on that World Wide Web thing.  Some good insights into what makes the Crispycat main man tick.  Read it here

21 August 2021
This week, a new collaborative project got underway, involving jazz bassist Tim Webb, from Kittery in Maine, USA, Edward Spark and David.  An initial mix of ideas was previewed on David’s podcast (Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection 2021 Vol 34). The 12 minute track features Tim’s bass lines, sent from the States, Mr Spark’s initial work on those, plus three CBQ samples, comprising some of Spark’s work on David’s “Sparklemusik” LP, a track from the 1st volume of CBQ’s “Disquietmusik” series and an ambient piece set to appear next month on CBQ’s new LP, “Coldclear”.  It makes for interesting listening and bodes well for the project.

17 August 2021
Electronic Improvisational Quartet Creek are back.

Kind of.

There are plans at Crispycat Recordings to finally release all archive material recorded by the group between 1997 and 2018.

This comprises 3 unreleased LPs, two unreleased compilations (one 2CD set and one 4CD set) and a further 27 individual sessions, improvised between June 1997 and June 2005.

Creek have only ever released one record, “Somewhere Between”, in 2004 and, since their formation, in the summer of 1997, have had long periods of inactivity while still, nominally, remaining in existence.

But all four members, David, Edward Spark, Stu Cobley and Count Brodski are currently discussing the band’s return.

You can listen to “Somewhere Between” over on the music page (which includes a link to the group’s Bandcamp page re downloading).

14 August 2021
Capital Models current line up of David, Keith Apter, Johnny Weitzen, Stu Cobley and Paul Reynolds were back in action last Wednesday, for their seventh session of 2021, with, for the first time for over a year and a half, everyone indoors.

The band ran through four eleven song sets of covers by the likes of David Bowie, Lou Reed and the Velvets, Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music, Sparks, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Elton John, Eagles, CCR, Springsteen, The Jam, The Monkees, Steve Harley, Neil Diamond, Glen Campbell, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Elvis, John Denver, Status Quo, Van Morrison and Simon & Garfunkel.

No plans yet for live dates but good to know things are moving forward once again.

David features the odd track from these rehearsal sessions in his weekly Eclectic Selection podcasts, most recently Carly Simon’s “Your So Vain” closes out 2021’s Volume 33, released on 14 August

6 August 2021
The new eight song Cloudland Blue Quartet LP, “Fallingsky” is out now on Bandcamp – available to stream for free, or to download on a “name your price” basis.  The download bundle includes 170 minutes of bonus material.


Time is Defeated 08:23
The Sky Is Always Falling 06:24
The Expedition 07:53
The Songs He Wants to Sing 07:16
A Day By the Sea 07:32
Lifelong 09:06
Here We Go Again 07:02
All The Things I Did 09:36

5 August 2021
On Friday 6 August, Cloudland Blue Quartet will release “Fallingsky”, the 12th song-based LP by CBQ, comprising 8 new works.  The album will be available on Bandcamp to stream and download, with the download bundle including 170 minutes of alternative mixes.

31 July 2021
Work was undertaken this week on remixes of tracks from Edward Spark’s two EPs, “1.9.7.Four” and “”. It’s uncertain whether these will eventually be released. David commented in his podcast (Eclectic Selection 2021 Volume 31 – available on Mixcloud), in which he included 12 minutes of his work, that his modus operandi was to excise all drums, percussion and melodies from the pieces to make Mr Spark “sound like Tangerine Dream”.

25 July 2021
David has been previewing new CBQ songs on his weekly “Eclectic Selection” podcasts on Mixcloud.  “A Day By the Sea” and “Lifelong” opened volume 28, volume 29 kicked off with “The Expedition” and “The Songs He Wants to Sing”, while “Here We Go Again” and “All The Things I Did” headed up volume 30.  In volume 31, the opening tracks are likely to be “Time Is Defeated” and “The Sky Is Always Falling”, the last two of the eight new CBQ songs written and recorded post the release of “Sparklemusik” in May and slated for release later in 2021 or in 2022.  Pop over to David’s Mixcloud page to check out these exclusive “single mixes”.

18 July 2021
The Limited Edition Record Store Day single of CBQ’s “Underground Like Doug McClure” was deleted at midnight on 17 July 2021, as advised on its release.

Congratulations to everyone who downloaded a copy while available, you have yourselves a true rarity.

17 July 2021
On Saturday 17 July, Cloudland Blue Quartet releases “Underground Like Doug McClure” as a limited edition virtual 7? single for Record Store Day.

It will be deleted at 23:59 on 17 July 2021 – so, if you buy it, please ensure you download the WAV files before the end of the day (UK Time)… [if you accidentally fail to do this, please contact Crispycat – there is a solution!]

Track 1 is the Edward Spark “West End” Remix of this key track from Cloudland Blue Quartet’s 2021 song-based LP, “Sparklemusik”.

Track 2 is a previously unreleased live rehearsal of the song, with extended intro and outro, recorded in August 2019, when live performances of the project were anticipated – in the event, these never happened.

In the true spirit of Record Store Day, the record comes with authentic “vinyl enhancement” and with a price on its head. If you press the WAV files to vinyl, the 7? single should be designed to play at 33RPM.

Cloudland Blue : A Diary

“Wrote a song – “Underground Like Doug McClure” – which was deemed “no bad” – the start of the new LP?

We’ll see…

Finished off the day with more musicking, listening back to the demo and it still sounded “ok”…

Which was good…”

2 July 2021
On Friday 2 July, Crispycat releases the latest in Cloudland Blue Quartet’s “Classical ” series, “Haydn”.

These new recordings follow on from CBQ’s previous LPs “Satie”, “Cage”, “Beethoven” & “Schoenberg Webern Berg”. The inspiration for this new work was, initially, the music of Steve Reich.

The original idea was to phase short phrases from a piano piece, a string quartet and a symphony by manipulating tempi across 5 or 6 loops.

The bonus tracks in the download bundle (virtual 5CD set) allow you to hear how the idea changed as the work progressed.

While the piano piece remains almost the same across the 3 versions, the 1st & 3rd pieces became more ambient than phased.

The LP also features a 54 min field recording, made in Dresden on 19 June 2019.

David has said that he holds the final versions of the 1st & 3rd pieces on this LP to be among some of the best ambient works he’s created over the last 44 years.

We hope you enjoy all three of these new works – on headphones, with the lights out, of course!

29 May 2021
On Friday 4 June, Crispycat will celebrate 25 years since the first release by Cloudland Blue Quartet, “Events One and Two” (still available on Bandcamp).

“Silversongs 1996-2021 (Remakes)” comprises over 30 “band version” (vocal, guitar, keyboards, bass, rhythm bed) re-recordings of some of the best CBQ songs from each of the 10 song based albums released to date.

For downloaders, there are three extra tracks from the sessions, plus a 16 song live acoustic performance, coincidentally recorded ten years to the day prior to these new releases, on 4 June 2011.

Meanwhile, “Silversounds 1996-2021 (Remixes)” takes edits of 30 soundscapes recorded over the last 25 years and applies recent working methods to them to create brand new tracks.

Bonuses for downloaders comprise the 30 edits used as source material for the new recordings.

All in all then, 110 new CBQ tracks being added to the Bandcamp discography.

4 May 2021
We are in the process of fully updating the new Crispycat website. Over the coming weeks, the history of David’s music will be painstakingly imported from the database used to provide the content for the old site. In the meantime, latest news items will be added as they happen.

We look forward to this gradual reinstatement of the story of Crispycat Recordings and its predecessor, David 14 Cassettes to the net.

News prior to May 2021 will be added shortly...

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