On this page you will find David's artworks, created between 1993 and the present day, with the exception of some which were unrecorded before making their way into private collections.

Works from 1993

"Crispy Cat" (1993) © 2003 David Reilly (Unexhibited)

From the exhibition, "Metamorphosis in May", 1993.

"Untitled No 2" (1993) © 1993 David Reilly

"Untitled No 3" (1993) © 1993 David Reilly

"Untitled No 4" (1993) © 1993 David Reilly

"Untitled No 5" (1993) © 1993 David Reilly

"Untitled No 6" (1993) © 1993 David Reilly

From the exhibition poster

"Untitled" (1993) © 1993 David Reilly

From 1995, unexhibited.

"Untitled No 8" (1995) © 1995 David Reilly

From 2002

DOCUMENTA 11 (2002) © 2003 David Reilly

01  Man Walking To The Sky Painting
02  Documenta Museum Painting
03  Seville Airport Blue Painting
04  Seville River Painting
05  Documenta 11 Tunnel Painting
09 Inspecting the Work

ROME (2002) © 2003 David Reilly
01  Rome Vatican Skycape Painting
02  Rome Church & Moon Painting
03  Rome Glow House Painting

From 2008.

"Untitled No 9" (2008) © 2008 David Reilly

From 2009

"Untitled No 10" (2009) © 2009 David Reilly

"Untitled No 11" (2009) © 2009 David Reilly

From 2013

TWENTY FOUR PAINTINGS (2013) © 2014 David Reilly

In 2013, David commenced a new Cloudland Blue Quartet project, "Twenty Four Paintings"...

In 2014, this was released in a limited edition comprising a book of paintings along with a set of twenty four CDs containing over fifteen hours of new music, edits of which are available on Bandcamp as "Morphinecodex"...

Each CD comprised one soundscape relating to one of the paintings...

There were also one, two and four CD sets containing differing details of the twenty four soundscapes...

The "Twenty Four Paintings" are set out below...

From 2017

Artwork for "Rubinmusik 1977-2017"

"Rubinmusik 2" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 3" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 4" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 5" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 6" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 7" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 8" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 9" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik 10" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

"Rubinmusik Collages" (2017) © 2017 David Reilly

From 2018

1ST JANUARY TO 31ST DECEMBER 2018, A YEAR IN PIXELS (2018) © 2019 David Reilly

During the year 2018, David created a new artwork every day by pixelating one photograph, taken on each day, to create works based on 9 x 9 squares of colour.



"Morning on the Hill"

"Art, Music and Teeth"

"On Land, On a Shelf"

"Rehearsal Preparation"

"Men in a Room, With Headphones"

"Twenty Is Plenty"

"Blurred Car in the Evening"

"Lamp and Tree"

"Record Collection"

"Sounds and Reading"


"Large Fibre Glass Chicken"

"Harbour View"

"Flags Without Wind"

"Soft Drink"

"Woman Crossing Street in the Dark"

"Pink Cloud in the Morning"

"Blue Sky Over Buildings"

"Diary and Equipment"

"Morning Scene"

"Hotel in the Distance"

"Paintings Under Artificial Light"

"Batteries, Phone and Tuner"

"Portrait of Anne"

"Four Reggae Albums"

"Breakfast at Pattisserie Florentin"

"Your Life Jacket is Under Your Seat"

"Admit One to the MPM"

"First View of Riva's Seascape"

"Everything Will Be Fine"

"To the Airport"

"Art Book"

The remaining titles are listed below the remainder of the 365 artworks...


Abbie and Mia
Phone Music
Essential Picasso
The Kettle is Boiling on the Stove
A Visit From Fang
The Right Foot of Hans Lampe
Breakfast Scene
Cat with Guitar
Gate in Snow
Speeding Car
At the Top of the Hallway
Who Me?
Blue Saucer Red Cup Good Coffee
One Last Sleep
The Corner of the Screen
This is not an F
Alice and Laurie
Shiny New Car
The Reconstitution of an iPod
The Last Parking Place of Gandalf
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Sometimes It's Better to Be Inside
An Unusual Visitor
David's Psychedelic Breakfast
A Gift From His Father
Large Snowballs in the Distance
The Required Use of a Magnifying Glass
The Technical Evening
Girl Masked
Exit to Light My Fire
A Previously Unknown Pleasure
Mothers Day
 The Nineteen Seventies
The Face of Fang
Also the Nineteen Seventies
Affirmative Action
Future Edification
Speaker, Poppy and Small Blue Bird
Tom Phillips and Flowers
First Day of Spring
Familiar Surroundings
On the Mend
Tree at Sunset
The Very Edge of the Dish
The Head of the Guitar
Ink Warning
Welcome to Our Home
Leaning Towers
Early Morning Roof Under a Sky of Blue
The Golden Rabbits
A Boy in his Bedroom
All the Hits
The Best Of
Footprints in the Snow
Cereal and Orange, Inadvertantly
An Unexpected Pleasure
Art Mag
Keith's Candle
One For Sorrow
It's 1974
It's 1975
French Cuisine
The Writing on the Leg
The Edge of the Cog
One Thousand and One
Fifty Favourites
Red Castle At Night
Night Out
A Cloud Above the Trees
Generational Pride
Wall of Sound
The Golden Age
Closed Road
Seeing Red
Young Love
The Incomprehensible Return of Vinyl
The Priest and the Inadvertent Child
At the Gallery
Fruit in the Morning Sun
Cream of the Devil's Water
Going Underground
Producer by the Sea
Jesus on the Cross
Bath Market
Barter Books
Part of the New Set Up
Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle
The Green Eyed Mercenary Returns
Open Again
Part of the Even Newer Set Up
The Doctor's Dali T
Aborted Record Move
Monday Morning 6AM
Viol Musique
No Left Turn
The Edge of the Pile
The New Mix
Art and Nuts
The Head of My Guitar
At the end of the Path
The Scene Out the Back
A Window is Just a Window
Night at the Top of the Hill
A Day Sitting in a Chair
A Handful of Ligeti
The Beast About Its Business
Return to the Fray
December 1974
A Better Attempt
Don't Be a Dick
Shelf and Cat
Return of the Keys
Sleep Arrives and is Good
Searching Not Finding
The Drinking of Gin
Decade Cake
Mr A and Mr C
Eight Quartets
Vinyl Only
Early Morning, Top of the Hill
Evangelisches Stadtkirche bei Nacht
Forbidden Fruit (and Cake)
The Dancers of the NDT
The Blue Sheep
The Wood for the Trees
The Slumbering Exec Producer
Bier in the Sun
Mmmm, Lovely Coffee
Back to the Infirmary
The Drummer's Amplification
The New Machine
The Icing on the Cake
Looking Out the Window
A Now Familiar Corridor
Which One's Pink
Pipers on Parade
Garden Scene
Looking Forward to Being Up and About
Under the Hot Sun
The Leaves on the Branch
Hospital and Foliage
Previously Heard
The Exec Producer and Paul
Playing a Francoise Hardy Record
Good Evening Mr Twombly
On a Plate
Painting in the Street
The Happy Couple
Back in the PF
At the Feeding Station
Get Up Get Dressed Get Moving
Sparrow Under Nuts
Extra Onions
Podcasting, Baby
First Dance
The Stage is Set
De Kooning, Not Erased
Between Acts
Early Morning Cathedral
Yellow Container, Blue Sky
Pile on Pile
Tree Through Blinds
The Football Supporter
The New Set Up Taking Shape
The Late Sixties
One Section
Waiting for Godot
Bee in a Bush
Time and a Word
Stupid Book
Roedelius I & II
Unable to Retire
Podcasting Again
Hipgnosis Not Roger Dean
The Pink Nose of a Cheeky Cat
Damn Fine Coffee
Cathedral Piano
Are We Out of the Woods Yet
Cat in a Box in a Bag
Cat and Music
It Sometimes Takes Seven to Get One
In the Studio
Breakfast at Home
At the Gallery
Achieving the One
The Ink in the Well
The Boys in the Kitchen by Mary
The Room Beyond the Equipment
The Executive Producer Producing
The View Across the Patio
Small Skeletal Figure
88 Year Old Lady with Knickerbocker Glory
The Stage is Set
Late to Bed, Early to Rise
Already Owned
At the Top of the Hill
An Absence of Speakers
Podcasting Pt 36
In the Distance
Last Respects
The Family in the Distance
The Shoe not the City
Five Hundred Years
Coffee Based Error
Big Black Things from the 1980s
Blu Ray v DVD
Three Generations
Face of a Tired Old Man
Listen to This
A New Visitor
Two Dancers
A Tidy Room is a Happy Room
Is This a Red Admiral
A Better Replacement
Satellite Dish
Dark Morning
Crane Skyline
Chris to the Left
The Crate Diggers
Achieving the Aim
A New Pole
The Hub in the Sun
The First Picture on a New Phone
Early Morning October Four
Tins on the Wall
Sound Systems from the Seventies
The View from the Tower
Soup v Granola
Trojan Cufflinks In Situ
The Haul So Far
Last Ludlow Breakfast
At the Level Crossing
Old Man With a Beard
Morning Autumn Sun
Rushing Down the Hill
Dinner is Served
A Face From the Past
Drinks are Served
Early Morning View
A Record From the Attic
The New Set Up with Schickert
A Light in the Dark
The Culture Supermarket
Mistaken Colours
Flowers in their Eyes
Pumpkin Soup
A Much Photographed Kiss
A Speeding Car at the Top of the Hill
The View From the Stage
A Machine to Talk To
Setting Up the Machines Did Not Console
Autumn Leaves
Into the Attic
Painted Ceiling with Custard Connection
You Can Call Me Al
The Baby and the Tiger
Bassist, Photographer
Crimson Shelf
Keith and His Boys
Stage Front
A Fridge Full of Cakes
Self Portrait
The Tree on the Hill
Love is Magic
Best Seat on the Bus
Life is a Dream
Fast Black Cat
Home Comforts
Everything in the Right Order
Looking Through the Windows
Looking at the New Build
Three of Five
Dinosaurs in a Box
Morning Clouds
Non Essential Purchase
Setting Up
In the Corridor
Oxygen Tower
No Animals Were Injured
Early Morning Car
Rehearsal Space
Hospital By Night
Taking a Shot
A Quiet Breakfast
Old Man in the Living Room
Xmas Lights
New Acquisitions
Interloping Cat on Bed
Kitty Prom and Tree
Now That's
Man Under a Wheel
Treats Cats Crave
A Dusting Down
Mary Poppins and a Steak
Guessing the Name of a Song
All is Quiet
Small Boy with Baby's Head
Steampunk Campervan
Red Sky at Night
Seeing Out the Year

From date unknown, unexhibited

"Accidental Painting" (Date Unknown) © 2021 David Reilly

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