Wednesday, July 03, 2024

A lack of interest will not deter...

Shearwater - The Great Awakening
Shearwater - The Dissolving Room
Loma - Don't Shy Away
Shearwater - Sherawater Plays Lodger
Angélica Garcia - Gemelo
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Splinterheart
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Starlightnight
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Soundingfall
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Disquietsongs
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Doveloveshawk
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Sparklemusik
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Callingstill
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Ampersand
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Anotherhappyday
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Deeperdown
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Ersatzreal
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Fallingsky
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Auden
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Everything Ends
Zsela - Big For You
µ-Ziq - Grush
Skee Mask - Resort
Normani - DOPAMINE
Fana Hues - Moth
Slow Heart Music - Hope
Braulio Lam - Redscale
Cloudland Blue Quartet - 2024-06-27 OOTB Rehearsal
Capital Models - 2024-06-27 Maggie May
Cloudland Blue Quartet - 2024-06-27 Out of the Bedroom
Ashhy - Sad Poetry (EP)
DAFÔ String Quartet - Polish Chamber Music: Penderecki, Szymanowski, Bacewicz, Górecki, Lukaszewski
Sue Decker - Keeping Time
Donna McKevitt - The Swimming Diaries (OST)
Gavin Bryars - 11th Floor (After Film Noir)
Various Artists - 21st Century Breaks
Rhonda Rider - The Petrified Forest Project
Various Artists - Superfly Soul: Riding Through The Ghetto
Acies Quartet - Gould Gulda: The String Quartet
Cola - The Gloss
Adès - In Seven Days (CD)
lofield - drifting
Janna Polyzoides - Klaviermusik
Matt Choboter - Unburying, From Liminals, Emerging
Kühr - Revue instrumentale et Électronique
López - Works for Ensemble
Roger Waters - Stand Up For Palestine (EP)
Mozart - Momentum 1785
Vinsent Planjer - Warm to the Touch
Neuwirth - Goodnight Mommy (OST) (Ich seh, Ich seh)
Willi - Chamber Music
Washed Out - Notes from a Quiet Life
William Boughton, English String Orchestra, English Symphony Orchestra - The Spirit Of England
The Beatles - Let It Be (2009 Remaster)

Right, this was only yesterday so surely I can recall what I got up to?

Well, I got up to this...

Which was rather late...


I intend to play my now 50 year old copy of "(No Pussyfooting)" soon...

Took Anne along to Lynn's just after 10 and she didn't appear back till almost 6.  A wlak along the Water of Leith and pizza at Stockbridge...

So, more Penne Arrabbiata for me - and it was indeed "angry" as I accidently tipped rather more than anticipated chili flakes into the pan...

It was superb...

As Eno once said, "honour thy error as a hidden intention"...

More "Better Than Us" enjoyed...

Podcast which should have been out on Saturday finally recorded and uploaded...

Of course, hardly anyone gives a flying fuck...

Their loss...

Also today, I chose three song sets for Out of the Bedroom (ensuring three different CBQ LPs are featured in each) which will take me through to mid 2025 I think - 135 songs in all - that's including the 21 already played across my seven appearances since returning to the club in March...

This is how I waste my time...

On telly tonight, having watched the first episode recently, we binged Nos 2, 3 and 4 of "Douglas is Cancelled" - excellent performances all round...

Highlight of the Day : Penne...

Today's New Music:-

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