Thursday, October 08, 2015

Faraway, so close...

Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain
Vivaldi - Bassoon Concertos Vol 1
Rheostatics - AGO First Thursdays Sept 3 2015
Sarah MacDougall - Across the Atlantic
Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Leonard Cohen EP
Max Richter - From Sleep
Mick Flannery - Red to Blue
John Lewis - Jazz Abstractions
Yo Yo Ma - Vivaldi's Cello
Glen Campbell - The Glen Campbell Collection
King Crimson - The Elements 2015 Tourbox
Drumheller - Wives
Jackie McLean - Fire & Love
Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Dakota Starman EP
Various - Sid Smith's Podcast From the Yellow Room
Richard Pinhas & Yoshida Tatsuya - Welcome to the Void
Richie Havens - Richard P Havens 1983
Rick Wakeman - recollections Best of 1973-79
Brian Eno - For All Mankind OST
Brian Eno - Biography Soundtrack
Glenn Gould - Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 24; Schoenberg: Piano Concerto, Op. 42

The views from the office this morning - were good...

...featuring one of the Canadian coasters...

This evening, the sun was out on the way home... were these wee beasties...

...and the view from the office this evening was also good...

Superb pork casserole from the Exec Producer post my enjoyment of the latest podcast from chum Sid Smith over at

Pottered about with a few chord sequences, maybe I'll write some new songs soon - only written one in the last three years...

In football, Scotland came from behind to lead Poland 2-1 at Hampden...

Then, in the 94th minute, an equaliser for Poland...

 And, with Ireland somehow managing to beat Germany 1-0 in Dublin, it seems, it's all over for another two years...

Luckily though, it's only a game...

Highlight of the Day : Anne's pork casserole...

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