Saturday, October 24, 2015

A day sitting in a chair, pt 784...

Françoise Hardy - Collection Platinum
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Acoustic Eno Covers
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Covers 2015
Françoise Hardy - La Question
Françoise Hardy - (Parenthèses...)
Françoise Hardy - Tant De Belles Choses
Françoise Hardy - La Pluie Sans Parapluie
Françoise Hardy - Les Plus Belles Chansons De Françoise Hardy
Françoise Hardy - If You Listen
Françoise Hardy - J'écoute De La Musique Saoule
Françoise Hardy - Françoise Hardy In English
Françoise Hardy - Le Danger
Françoise Hardy - Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp...
Françoise Hardy - All over the world
Françoise Hardy - Comment Te Dire Adieu?
Françoise Hardy - Françoise
Françoise Hardy - Alone
Françoise Hardy - The Vogue Years
Françoise Hardy - Messages Personnels (Box Set)
Françoise Hardy - Star
The Wildflowers - The Wildflowers
Tangerine Dream - 1975-10-23 Croydon
Tangerine Dream - 2014-06-03 Vienna
Dutilleux - Cello Concerto
Klaus Schulze - Shadowlands
Klaus Schulze - Kontinuum
Klaus Schulze - Stars Are Burning
Webern - Complete Works
Alice Cooper - Special Forces

Another day of, mostly, this...

Bordeaux is up to date though...

Also downloaded some new music from Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, while Michael Portillo's "Great Continental Train Journeys" led me to listen to the works of Webern...

It seems Tangerine Dream were just getting good again when Herr Froese shuffled off this mortal coil...

QoS were 1-0 up at half time at home to bottom of the league Livingston - they lost 4-1 (Anne was at Tynecastle watching Hearts beat Ross County 2-0)...

I tried out some new ideas on the laptop re possible new music but it came to nothing...

I ran through some Eno covers on the acoustic...

Anne was out this evening at the ballet with chum Theresa - I expect a taxi call...

A right riveting Saturday all round...

Highlight of the Day : New to me Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream...

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