Wednesday, May 08, 2024

4,083, not 2,210 and, definitely, not 12...

Various Artists - Hemisphere No Morere
Phi Yaan-Zek - Reality Is My Plaything
Lucid Planet - Lucid Planet
LOCRIAN - End Terrain
For All We Know - By Design Or By Disaster
Gun - Hombres
Daniel Biro -Hotel Erika
Lucid Planet - II
Phi Yaan-Zek - Interdimensional Garden Party
Maciej Meller - Life After Zenith. Maciej Meller In Concert
Jon Durant - Momentarily
David Rothenberg, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, Ali Sayah - Don't Hide From What You Seek
Everyday Dust - Landscape X and The Valley Of Foghorns
Various Artists - Wayne McGregor: Collaboration
Edward Spark - Upsidedown (Remixes)
Various Composers - Classic Sporting Anthems
Rameau - Les Cyclopes: Pièces De Clavecin
Pandolfi Mealli - Violin Sonatas
Various Composers - Hidden Gems
Massive Attack - Blue Lines
The Swans - Photographs & Letters
Guy Penson, Philippe Malfeyt, Geert Van Gele - Museum Of Musical Instruments: Orgue Positif
Convivium Musicum Gothenburgense - At The Sign Of The Crumhorn - Flemish Songs & Dance Music
Various Composers - British Music on Hyperion
Various Composers - The Ultimate Classical Box
Various Artists - Pop Goes The 60s
Andrew Ostler - Dots on a Disk of Snow
Kristinsson - Moonbow
Snow Ghosts - A Quiet Ritual
The Ethiopians - Woman Capture Man
Various Artists - Ska: Moonstompers, Shufflers And Skankers
Miles Davis - Live In Europe (Switzerland & Italy) Vol 1
Yes - Boston 1974
Charlotte Day Wilson - Cyan Blue
Yes - Las Vegas 1994
Yes - Mirror To The Sky (Single)
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Four Zero Eight Three


...I mostly worked on the new song-based CBQ LP, editing and remixing recordings made last June, for probable release this June...

The work in progress title was "Two Two One Zero" but, now, it's called "Four Zero Eight Three"...

Did you know there are 4,083 different chords in an octave? And there was me thinking it was 2,210, while Ed Sheeran seems to reckon it's 12...

This evening, out to football...

A hard fought 2-2 draw - our opponents coming back from 2-0 down (0-0 at half time). It seems my team picking was successful on the "evening it out" front...

Home for very tasty prawn and nduja based pasta...

...followed by "Taskmaster" and "Monk"...

Lights out at midnight...

Highlight of the Day : Football probably...

Today's New Music:-

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