Thursday, June 27, 2019

Chance discoveries can be the best discoveries...

Leipziger Streichquartett - Festgrefreßen (?!)
Various Composers - Bachfest Leipzig 2006
Falco - Helden von Heute
Bach Museum Trio - Das Angenehme Pleiß-Athen
Die Ärzte - Live: Nach Uns Die Sintflut
Schweitzer - Schweitzer: Kammermusik
Jadin - Jadin: Quatuors à cordes - Oeuvre 1re
Miaskovsky - Nikolaï Miaskovsky - Quartets n° 1 and 13
Schneider - Preussens Hofkapellmeister
Herbie Hancock - The New Standard
Lajo Lencsés - Strauss, Koechlin, Britten & Zimmermann: Masterpieces For Oboe
Various Composers - Bachfest Leipzig 2010
Various Composers - Bachfest Leipzig 2007
Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick
Various Artists - The Skatalites & Friends : Phoenix City
Various Artists - A History of the Single - The 1960s

Hot and sunny...

...and so, of course, I was in a dark charity shop and picked these up for a few quid...

This is extremely funky...

Other than that, a decision made, as it has been countless times in the past, to be a little healthier...

There are many ideas out there that can help with such a goal (a gym is not one of them though!)...

Probably some telly late on...

Highlight of the Day : Discovering the Meters...

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