Monday, June 24, 2019

German trip being gradually written up but scroll past this for the latest, possibly less interesting updates...

As of 3 September, I have just written up the sixth day of the German trip and moved it to the top half of the entries below - I am now half way through - only ten and a half weeks since we came home!

Six days done..

12 June - Better late than never (Edinburgh/Seligenstadt)... Completed
14 June - Into the arena (Erfurt)...Completed
15 June - Heading east (Erfurt/Leipzig)... Completed
16 June - The art of the fugue (Leipzig)... Completed
17 June - Monumental and monumentally stupid (Leipzig)... Completed

Six days still to do...

Pics are up for those days and scintillating text will be added as soon as I can get round to it - so do pop back for the updates...

18 June - Heading further east (Leipzig/Dresden)... Playlist and pics only
19 June - To the environs and back again (Dresden/Meissen/Moritzburg)... Playlist and pics only
20 June - To the top and back again, twice (Dresden/Pirna)... Playlist and pics only
21 June (Dresden/Chemnitz/Hof/Furth) - Playlist only and pics only
22 June (Furth/Nuremberg) - Playlist only and pics only
23 June - (Furth/Seligenstadt/Edinburgh) - That's this one - Map, Playlist and pics only...

It's a long laborious task this keeping a diary nonsense...

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