Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not remembering what you've already done can be a not good thing...

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Disquietmusik
Sumner McKane - The Northeast by Eastern Film Soundtrack
Bennie Green - The Swingin'est
Piebald - Barely Legal & All Ages
Orion Tango - The Apple of No
Martin Kohlstedt - Tag
Dylan Howe - Subterranean - New Designs On Bowie's Berlin
Various - The Wire Tapper 33
Various - Leaders Of The Pack
Various - The Wire Tapper 24
Various - The Wire Tapper 32
Bacewicz - Piano Works
Various - Family Affair Chapter Two
Anathema - The Optimist
Thelonious Monk - Thelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington
The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
Copland - El Salon Mexico, Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Etc.
Various - Move On Up, Vol. 2
Schumann - Schumann/Chopin/Bacewicz
Rod Stewart - The Best Of Rod Stewart
Various - Pure... Rock
Sumner McKane - Allot Upon
The Neal Morse Band - Alive Again
Jaco Pastorius - Anthology: The Warner Bros. Years
Adiemus - Songs Of Sanctuary
Lou Donaldson & The Three Sounds - LD + 3
Kats-Chernin - Unceremonious Processions
Niagara - Don't Take It Personally
Strawbs - From The Witchwood
Victoria - Masses
Brade - Hamburger Ratsmusik Um 1600
David Reilly - Rubinmusik 1977-2017
Manchester Camerata - Haçienda Classiçal
Various - The Wire Tapper 34
Deep Purple - Infinite
Marin Marais - Suites pour viole de gambe - Juan Manuel Quintana
Purcell - Instrumentalmusik
Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways
Stamitz - Sinfonias
The Weeknd - Beauty Behind The Madness
Beethoven - String Quintet, Op. 29 & String Quartet, Op. 132
Spring - Spring
Faust - Faust So Far
Schoenberg - Works For Piano
Various - The Krautrock Archive Volume 2
Tangerine Dream - Rot Weiss
Webern - Complete Works
Jean-Jacques Kravetz - Kravetz
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - Full Circle
Maxwell Davies - Naxos Quartets #1 & 2
Pixie Ninja - Ultrasound
Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of
Glass - The Hours
loscil - Sea Island

Recent acquisitions on shuffleplay soundtracked today and some tracks made it later on into the final list for this week's podcast...

Went to rip Kate Bush from yesterday, only to find it was added to the hard drive back in March, courtesy of Prog Rock Willie and Dropbox...

Oh well...

Another fine morning but rain was forecast...

A "Simpsons" sky on the hill...

The beast was about its business...

The rain never materialised...

Anne out at Zumba this evening and compiling undertaken...

No recording as yet though, as a long call to my mum as required re helping her sort her telly - last night I had had to sort it too - she's obviously pressing some secret button on one of her many remote controls that knocks everything off-kilter...

There was also much deleting of stuff from her Tivo last night...

A call from TalkTalk asking if all was now well with the internet...

Just as they called, it went down for the first time since we installed the new router...


And annoying...

This was the call that was supposed to have been made to me three weeks ago...

I came out of it with a discount on this month's broadband charge and a promise that they will meet my bill re phone calls made to their "free" number (it turns out it's only free if your landline is with TalkTalk)...

Internet back up and the case appears to be closed...

Listening to the choices for the podcast - eclectic as ever...

"The Windsors" was up to the high standards set thus far...

More listening, bringing this up to date, then, bed...

Highlight of the day : Rebate...

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