Monday, July 17, 2017

Getting home and back to normal...

De Rore - St John Passion
Maxwell Davies - Naxos Quartets #1 & 2
Heinichen - Concerti Grandi
Corelli - La Folia
Bach, J S - Goldberg Variations (Gould 1955)
Carter - Chamber Music
Vivaldi - Cello Sonatas
Scarlatti - Keyboard Sonatas
Victoria - Masses
Brade - Hamburger Ratsmusik Um 1600
Schubert - Sonates pour piano D.784 et D.894
Strauss, R - Chamber Suites Op 60, Duets, Sextet
Webern - Complete Works
Monteverdi - Scherzi Musicali
Satie - Piano Works
Dowland - Lacrimae, Or Seaven Teares
Tippett - Piano Sonatas No. 1 - 3
Haydn - Doric String Quartet - Wigmore Hall Live
Marin Marais - Suites pour viole de gambe - Juan Manuel Quintana
Albinoni - 12 Concertos, Op. 10 1-6
Schoenberg - Works For Piano
Boccherini - Cello Concertos & Sonatas
Glass - The Hours
Feldman - Music For Cello
Locke - The Broken Consort
Varèse - Arcana, Integrales, Deserts
Allegri - Miserere/Messe/Motets
Bach, C P E - Symphonies & Concertos
Jenkins, J - All In A Garden Green
Tallis - Mass For 4 Voices, Motets
Gubaidulina - String Quartets 1-3 & String Trio
Mozart - Divertimenti K. 334 & K.247 "1. Lodronische Nachtmusik"
Purcell - Instrumentalmusik
Dittersdorf - Sinfonias on Ovid's Metamorphoses, Nos. 1 - 3
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Through the Day
Stockhausen - Piano Music
Stamitz - Sinfonias
Hindemith - Piano Sonatas 1-3 (Glenn Gould)
Pärt - Fratres, Festina Lente, Summa
Janácek - Piano Sonata 1.X.1905

Today, I was mostly listening to the new classical playlists of 10 LPs from each of the 16th to 20th Centuries...

It was a scorcher, although the sometimes strong wind was also welcome...

Word from Anne and sister Sheila around midday, mum home...

Within an hour, it was apparently like she'd never been away...

Home under blue skies...

Down the path but no sign today of wee Tiger...

...a plane had passed overhead...

Tasty pasta for tea...

Further listening plus the return of University Challenge - Edinburgh 165, Ulster 160, Crispycat Towers 105...

Not bad...

"Fearless" concluded well...


Late on, proving on twitter that an old man can like both Gentle Giant and Girls Aloud...

Lights out...

Highlight of the Day: Mum finally home...

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Good news.