Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 47

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 47...

Weekly Playlist No 47 of 2014 features 24 tracks in chronological order of appearing this week in the music-loving ears of Mr CBQ...

...during which time, light also entered the CBQ camera thus...

Over half the featured pieces are designated "classical", with "modern" music from Ginastera, MacMillan, Sehrbrock, Wolpe, Weiss, Thiele, Wood, Shostakovich and Richter (x2) and "older" music from Regnart, Sammartini and Förster...

There are also brand new songs from David Bowie, Bryan Ferry and Max Jury, rare tracks from David Sylvian and William S. Burroughs, classic prog from King Crimson and Kansas and new prog from this year's Yes album...

There's a smidgen of jazz fusion from Ian Carr's Nucleus, a goodly amount of burbling synths from T Dream soundalikes Fanger & Schönwälder and a piece of dark ambience from the upcoming CBQ album...

Good and weird as ever...

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Press play and away we go...

Ginastera - Sonata #1, Op22, Adagio Molto Appassionatta  4:33
from "Judith Collins : Bartok And Ginastera"

William S. Burroughs - Ah Pook The Destroyer/Brian Gysin's All Purpose Bedtime Story  2:46
from "Dead City Radio"

King Crimson - Cadence And Cascade  4:38
from "In The Wake Of Poseidon"

Nucleus - New Life  7:07
from "Under The Sun"

David Sylvian - The Scent Of Magnolia  5:37
from "Everything And Nothing"

David Bowie - Tis' a Pity She Was a Whore  5:09
from "Sue (or in a Season of Crime)" 10" Single

Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Golden Leaf  7:30
from "Morphinecodex"

Regnart - Lamentabatur Jacob  3:40
from "VArious Composers : Musik Am Prager Hof Kaiser Rudolf II"

Yes - To Ascend  4:44
from "Heaven & Earth"

MacMillan - Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do (St. Luke)  6:10
from "The Seven Last Words From the Cross"

Sehrbrock - Static Music #9  5:10
from "Static Music"

Wolpe - Oboe Sonata, Molto adagio  4:55
from "Ensemble Aventure : Erwin Schulhoff/ Stefan Wolpe"

Sammartini - Sonate in G Dur, Andante  5:11
from "Various Composers : Italian Sonatas For Oboe, Cor Anglais And Harpsichord"

Shostakovich - Viola Sonata, Allegretto  7:31
from "Shostakovich/Lewensohn: Works For Viola & Chamber Orchestra"

Weiss - Heimkehr aus "Ade"  4:35
from "The Rest is Silence"

Thiele - Ubungen Im Verwandeln, Vorgang 1, Erscheinen  5:18
from "Orchestral Works"

Bryan Ferry - Loop de Li  4:14
from "Avonmore"

Förster - Concerto E Flat, Es Dur, Adagio Con Affeto  3:43
from "Oboe Concertos By Handel & Förster"

Wood - Season 4  3:14
from "Stoicheia"

Fanger & Schönwälder - Analog Overdose 0.9 (opening edit)  13:00
from "Analog Overdose 0.9"

Max Jury - All I Want  3:57
from "All I Want EP"

Kansas - Angels Have Fallen  6:37
from "Epic Kansas 1974-2000"

Richter - H in New England  1:50
from "24 Postcards in Full Colour"

Richter - Cascade NW By W  1:11
from "24 Postcards in Full Colour"

Hope you enjoy this week's selection and will pop by again next week for another playlist from Mr CBQ...

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