Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 46

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 46...

This week's two hour playlist features 19 tracks, much of which is "out there", for example, jazz from The Bad Plus and Adriano Orru; classical from Rasmussen, Gunnar Berg and Barabba; electronic pieces from Edgar Froese and our very own Creek; a crossover remix of Philip Glass by Cornelius; and live tracks from King Crimson and UK - but there's also accessible stuff from Cheryl, Rheostatics, Glasperlenspiel, Asia and David Bowie on the rock and pop front, Haydn, Bartók and Beethoven in classical and Ethan Iverson in jazz...

All of which has entertained during the last seven days...

...during which time, light has also entered the CBQ camera thus...

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Press play and away we go...

Cheryl - Only Human  3:34
From "Only Human"

Rheostatics - Canadian Dream  4:06
From "Greatest Hits"

Glasperlenspiel - Wie Sonne Und Erde  4:11
From "Grenzenlos In Diesem Moment"

Haydn - String Quartet #30 In E Flat Op 33/2 "The Joke", Largo Sostenuto  4:19
From "Haydn - Complete String Quartets"

Beethoven - String Quartet in F minor Op 95 Allegro con brio  4:50
From "Beethoven - Complete String Quartets"

Rasmussen - Guitar Suite, IV Sarabande  4:58
From "Rasmussen: Dancing Raindrops"

Adriano Orru Trio No 2  5:07
From "Improvised Pieces for Trio"

Asia - Wildest Dreams  5:11
From "Asia"

Gunnar Berg - Éclatement 6 (1960)  5:31
From "Éclatements"

David Bowie - "Heroes"  6:10
From ""Heroes""

Philip Glass & Cornelius - Opening  6:46
From "REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed)"

King Crimson - Exiles [Live At The Stadthalle, Kassel 01/04/74]  7:03
From "Starless : Kassel, Germany, April 1, 1974"

Ethan Iverson/Lee Konitz/Larry Grenadier/Jorge Rossy - Try a Little Tenderness  7:03
From "Costumes Are Mandatory"

Edgar Froese - OS 452  7:57
From "Macula Transfer"

UK - Danger Money  9:01
From "Reunion - Live in Tokyo"

Barabba - Conjecture  9:15
From "Mementos"

Bartók - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No 2 Sz 112 Andante tranquillo  9:24
From "20th-Century Violin Concertos"

Creek - 2005-06-06 2  9:37
From "2005-06-06"

The Bad Plus - Adopted Highway  9:44
From "Inevitable Western"

Hope you enjoy this week's selection and will pop by again next week for another weekly playlist from Mr CBQ...

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