Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 39

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 39...

This week's two hour cloudcast comprises a compact 21 tracks, which have entertained during the last seven days...
....during which light entered the CBQ camera thus...

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Press play and away we go...

Priscilla Ahn - Diana  4:32
from "This Is Where We Are"

Marketa Irglova - Now You Know  3:45
from "Anar"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Thinking of Me  2:44
from "Walkout" (part of the "Starlightnight" Box Set)

Tangerine Dream - Movements Of A Visionary  7:58
from "The Virgin Years: 1974-1978"

Tangerine Dream - Cloudburst Flight  7:29
from "The Virgin Years: 1977-1983"

Stefano Bollani - Alobar e Kudra  6:01
from "Joy In Spite Of Everything"

Beneath The Watchful Eyes - Letters From Zedelghem  4:38
from "We Held Our Breath Until Our Hearts Exploded"

This Will Destroy You - Invitation  4:07
from "Another Language"

The Samuel Jackson Five - Tremulous Silence  4:49
from "Denovali Swingfest 2014 Essen (Festival Sampler)"

The Bad Plus - Gold Prisms Incorporated  6:29
from "Inevitable Western"

Fauré - Piano Quintet No.1 in Dm,Op.89, Molto moderato  12:19
from "Fauré: Chamber Music"

Dave King Trucking Company - Do You Live In a Star City?  7:52
from "Adopted Highway"

Tom Griesgraber & Bert Lams - Where The Trail Divides  4:32
from "Unnamed Lands"

Snow Shards - No One Lives Anymore  7:35
from "Blind"

Mark Turner Quartet - Ethan's Line  8:01
from "Lathe Of Heaven"

King Crimson - Level Five (Live)  6:44
from "The Elements 2014 Tour Box"

The Crimson ProjeKct - Thrak (Live) 6:05
from "Live in Tokyo"

Camera - Hallraum 4:41
from "Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide"

Fehlfarben - Gerechtigkeit  5:55
from "Poem - Leonard Cohen in Deutscher Sprache"

Hammock - No Trace... No Shadow  6:25
from "The Sleepover Series Volume Two"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Apple of Your Eye pt 1  0:59
from "Walkout" (part of the "Starlightnight" Box Set)

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