Thursday, September 18, 2014

Referendum, schmeferendum...

Kronos Quartet - Howl, U.S.A.
Neil Cowley Trio - Touch And Flee
Bach, C P E - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 300 Years
Klein - Klein 6 Cello Sonatas
Moskus - Mestertyven
Motorhead - Aftershock
Opeth - Pale Communion
Die Ärzte - Das Beste Von Kurz Nach Früher Bis Jetzt
Farinelli - Farinelli: The Composer
Valery Gore - Idols in the Dark Heart
The Helix Nebula - Meridian
Samo Salamon & The Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra - Free Strings
Crow'sclaw - Loudness War
Hindemith - Hindemith: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1
Arve Henriksen - The Nature Of Connections
Laurent Coulondre Trio - Opus II
Fuchs - Fuchs: Complete String Quartets, Vol. 1
King Crimson - The Elements 2014 Tour Box
Erasure - The Violet Flame-Deluxe Edition
Marco Minnemann - EEPS

Up early and to the polling station just after seven to cast my vote to save Scotland...

Into town super early and walking around in the drizzle and mist, soundtracked by the Kronos Quartet and Allen Ginsberg...

What's better?


...or this?

No contest...

A new KC box waiting for me when I got home and much enjoyed this evening by a man who had voted to save his country...

Around 11 or so, the Yougov poll predicted No 54 Yes 46 with 99% certainty...

No point in staying up all night..

Noise, bluff, bluster defeated by those who did not post their intentions on Facebook, did not deem it necessary to be continually in anyone's face with their opinion, just read the facts, understood the pros and cons of both sides, understood the consequences, went about their business and, today, quietly, voted to save their country...

To bed...

Highlight of the Day : New King Crimson Box...


Paul R said...

Well put Sir. I may borrow your lines (and give credit) next time a Yes Pest won't give it a rest.

David Quartet said...

We need to have that promised glass (bottle?) of champagne soon, now that our country has been saved (for now)...

In the Scotsman today (28/9/14), amongst the comments on an article debunking the ludicrous conspiracy theories re vote rigging and the like, was this from "Truth Says"...

"The separatists comprise all sorts:

old fashioned anti-English racists of the sort that founded the SNP and are still at its heart and amongst its supporters, although because of anti-racism laws they do their best to cover it up;

left-wingers who think that an independent Scotland will become some sort of socialist paradise;

naive dreamers, often made up of artists, musicians, the acting profession and entertainers;

those with a strong interest in culture and/or the Gaelic language who despite the great progress made in recent years as part of the Union think they will be better off in an independent Scotland;

the green lobby and anti nuclear protestors;

those who rely on welfare payments and have been misled into thinking they will be better off;

well meaning people who think an independent Scotland will be better off but are susceptible to propaganda and fail to understand the implications of independence, especially the economic implications;

those who resent authority and will jump on any anti-establishment bandwagon to make their (usually loud) voices heard.

There are always exceptions of course but I believe these groups make up the majority of Yes campaigners.

Many have been radicalised by propaganda coming from Salmond and his ilk (see Wikipedia "propaganda techniques" - it could almost be part of Salmond's job description) and just like religious zealots around the world they can be worked up into a frenzy through the use of social media and can be motivated to attend events such as those happening or due to happen outside Holyrood.

It is worrying and somewhat scary that a democratic decision taken by the silent majority of Scots can be completely ignored by people like this.

They will do great harm to our relationship with the people in the other countries of the UK.

They will harm tourism, dampen business confidence and investment, cause division within Scotland and they go against what was signed up to in the Edinburgh Agreement, much quoted by Salmond when it suited him in the referendum campaign.

I would urge the silent majority to continue taking into account what is happening, just as they did in the referendum campaign.

The next UK and Holyrood elections are more important than ever and we should use them as an opportunity to throw out the SNP and to contain their fanatical, brainwashed supporters.

There is still a threat to Scotland's future and we need to safeguard our future for the sake of generations to come."

Truth does indeed say...