Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 38

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 38...

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23 tracks which entertained during the last seven days...

....during which light entered the CBQ camera  thus...

Today's playlist is bookended by a cover and a soundscape from CBQ..

No notes due to time constraints but if you're interested in knowing about any of the tracks, contact me...

Press play and away we go...

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Human  4:50
from "Remake" (part of the "Starlightnight" Box Set)

Motorhead - Heartbreaker  3:05
from "Aftershock Tour Edition"

Valery Gore - Lungs  3:52
from "Idols in the Dark Heart"

Rochberg - Transcendental Variations, Molto Adagio E Tranquillo; Sereno  4:02
from "Symphony #5, Black Sounds, Transcendental Variations"

Hyla - Howl (1993) II  4:18
from "Howl, U.S.A."

Erasure - Elevation  4:18
from "The Violet Flame"

Sten Sandell & Paal Nilssen Love - Jacana  4:20
from "Jacana"

2raumwohnung - Ich dich auch  4:32
from "Achtung fertig"

Alex Machacek - Sweet Torture  4:38
from "24 Tales"

Camera - Synchron  4:39
from "Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide"

Vivaldi - Violin Concerto In E Flat, RV 254 Allegro  5:04
from "Vivaldi Con Moto"

Pineapple Thief - Alone At Sea  5:21
from "Magnolia"

Maxwell Davies - Naxos Quartet #9 Allegro  5:25
from "Maxwell Davies: Naxos Quartets #9 & 10"

The Helix Nebula - Crystal Plains  5:31
from "Meridian"

The Von Duesz - Evocation  5:35
from "Garant"

Fugitive - Sarago  5:50
from "Mediterraneo"

Marco Minnemann - Dead Ghost  5:52
from "EEPS"

Gentle Giant - River  5:53
from "Octopus"

Walls - Raw Umber/Twilight  5:57
from "Coracle"

Janacek - String Quartet No. 2 (Intimate Letters) Andante  6:07
from "Pacifica Quartet - Declarations: Janacek Crawford-Seeger Hindemith"

King Crimson - Heaven & Earth (early edit)  7:43
from "The Elements 2014 Tour Box"

Yes - Subway Walls  9:03
from "Heaven & Earth"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - A Summer Rain (Detail)  9:56
from "Morphinecodex (Details)"

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