Saturday, September 06, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 36

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 36...

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Here are 25 tracks which entertained during the run up to - and the first part of - our recent stay in Berlin plus, of course, the ubiquitous drone of the Cloudland Blue Quartet - perhaps illustrated nicely by this artwork, created by light entering the CBQ camera over the last seven days...

No notes for the next couple of weeks due to time constraints but if you're interested in knowing about any of the tracks, contact me...

Press play and away we go...

Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist 2014 No 36 by Cloudland Blue Quartet on Mixcloud

Tarantula Hawk - Untitled  3:18
from "Untitled"

The Helix Nebula - Temple  3:48
from "Meridian"

Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason - Cruel Miracles  3:50
from "Sólaris"

The Revillos - Bitten By A Lovebug  4:01
from "Attack Of The Giant Revillos"

Glasperlenspiel - Wie Sonne Und Erde  4:11
from "Grenzenlos In Diesem Moment"

Bach, J C - Symphonie in G, opus 6 nr. 1: 2. Andante  4:24
from "Johann Christian Bach Symphonies"

Moskus - Fuglene var i ertehumor  4:26
from "Mestertyven"

Motorhead - Silence When You Speak To Me  4:30
from "Aftershock Tour Edition CD1"

Kris Davis Trio - Twice Escaped  4:33
from "Waiting For You To Grow"

John Lemke - Shatterbox  4:33
from "People Do"

David Sylvian - Home (2003 Digital Remaster)  4:34
from "Gone To Earth [Disc 2]"

The Bad Plus - Self Serve 4:34
from "Inevitable Western"

Zoot Woman - The Stars Are Bright  4:35
from "Star Climbing"

Arve Henriksen - Aceh  4:39
from "The Nature Of Connections"

Musée Mécanique - Castle Walls  4:40
from "From Shores of Sleep"

Thomas Savy - Misterioso  4:42
from "Bleu"

Samo Salamon - Fall Memories  4:42
from "Free Strings: Orchestrology"

Laura Pausini - Le Cose Che Non Vivi  4:43
from "20: The Greatest Hits [Deluxe Edition] (1)"

Neu! - After Eight  4:44
from "Neu! 75"

Priscilla Ahn - Lullaby  4:44
from "A Good Day"

Piazzolla - Four For Tango  4:47
from "Winter Was Hard"

Shahin Novrasli - Insomnia  4:57
from "Bayati"

Vera Kappeler & Peter Conradin Zumthor - Tor IV  5:09
from "Babylon-Suite"

Valgeir Sigurðsson - Between Monuments  5:11
from "Architecture Of Loss"

The Bad Plus - Mint  5:21
from "Prog"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Over Lake Noise (Detail)  10:01
from "Morphinecodex (Details)"

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