Monday, September 22, 2014

The 37.77 and tin foil hats...

Marco Minnemann - EEPS
The Bad Plus - Inevitable Western
Arve Henriksen - The Nature Of Connections
Klein - 6 Cello Sonatas
Pacifica Quartet - Declarations :  Janacek Crawford Seeger Hindemith String Quartets
Fauré - Chamber Music
Snow Shards - Blind
Kronos Quartet - Howl, U.S.A.
C P E Bach - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach 300 Years
Beneath The Watchful Eyes - We Held Our Breath Until Our Hearts Exploded
Stefano Bollani - Joy In Spite Of Everything
2raumwohnung - Achtung fertig
Camera - Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide
Stefano Bollani - Joy In Spite Of Everything
Laura Jean - Laura Jean
Walls - Coracle
J S Bach - 6 Violin Sonatas
Telemann  - 12 Fantasias For Solo Violin, TWV 40: 14-25
Motorhead - Aftershock
Vera Kappeler & Peter Conradin Zumthor - Babylon-Suite
Various - Leonard Cohen in Deutscher Sprache
Tom Griesgraber & Bert Lams - Unnamed Lands

It seems a fair proportion (possibly up to 37.77%) of the Scottish electorate are turning into swivel-eyed(*) conspiracy theorists who no longer believe in democracy...

It's all very sad...

Meanwhile, this was accidentally good on the way home this evening... was this...

...and this wee monkey in the garden...

The usual Monday night staples entertained as did some laughable utterings from people who would have had us believe this time last week that they were interested in the so-called "settled will of the Scottish people"...

What a mess we've gotten into...

Nationalism is never attractive and is doubly unattractive when combined with a distinct lack of perception...

Highlight of the Day : Chance pictures...
*Rotating the eyes wildly, especially in a way regarded as indicative of frenzy; Holding or expressing political views regarded as extreme or fanatical

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