Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Morphinecodex Artwork Preview...

"Morphinecodex" is the title of the new fifteen hour soundscape album from Cloudland Blue Quartet...

The release date is yet to be confirmed but it is likely to be December 2014...

Today, the front cover artwork for each of the formats of the new album is previewed here...

At present, three formats are likely - a single 74 minute disc containing a three minute "short detail" of each piece...

...a four hour 4CD set containing a ten minute "detail" of each piece...

...and the full 15 hour 25 minute collection, which will comprise 24 CDs, each containing one piece...

This full version will be a "physical only" package and is likely to include a book containing 24 paintings to accompany the release...

The digital release (likely to be only the "details" and "short details" versions) will be via Bandcamp for streaming and download....

The full length tracklist is as follows:-

Riverleaves 49:38
Munchen Musik 44:42
The Through Approach 39:36
A Summer Rain 47:35
The Pastoral Province 1:00:54
Self Portrait I 29:40

Terminal I 31:00
Terminal II 31:45
Terminal III 33:48
Overcast Morning 44:51
Terminal IV 33:16
Self Portrait II 30:33

Morphine Codex 1:00:31
Over Lake Noise 40:16
April in Bolivia 30:34
The Reinhardt Absent Overlay 23:43
The Rosenquist Event 1:05:17
Self Portrait III 27:59

Traffic Passing 1:02:04
Several Cars 17:08
Crashed Burned 29:42
The Razor Drone 24:56
The Golden Leaf 35:24
Self Portrait IV 29:34

More soon...

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