Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 37

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 37...

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Here are 27 tracks which entertained during the second half of - and the period immediately following - our recent stay in Berlin - no CBQ this week...

Meanwhile, this was created by light entering the CBQ camera over the last seven days...

No notes for the next couple of weeks due to time constraints but if you're interested in knowing about any of the tracks, contact me...

Press play and away we go...

Die Ärzte - Gwendoline  2:51
from "Das Beste Von Kurz Nach Früher Bis Jetzt"

1982 - 02:01   2:04
from "A/B"

Debussy - Petite Suite, L 65 - Un Bateau  3:09
from "Amsterdam Guitar Trio Bach Chopin Debussy Faure"

BANKS - Warm Water  3:29
from "Goddess"

Shelby Baldock - Hereafter  3:33
from "Butch Americana"

Marco Machera - The Art of Cliches (feat. Francesco Zampi)  3:42
from "Dime Novels"

Maybeshewill - Volga  3:45
from "Fair Youth"

Sarah Jaffe - Lover Girl  3:47
from "Don't Disconnect"

Snow Shards - Ruins  3:49
from "Blind"

kishochki - Good Boy  3:53
from "Community"

Swansaw - Of One Less Light  3:55
from "Flight And Falling"

Kimbra - Madhouse  4:05
from "The Golden Echo"

Eivind Aarset - Black Silence  4:05
from "Dream Logic"

The Bad Plus - Epistolary Echoes  4:17
from "Inevitable Western"

Stanton Moore - Big Greaze  4:18
from "Conversations"

Fauré - Piano Quintet No.2 in Cm,Op.115-Allegro vivo  4:24
from "Fauré: Chamber Music"

Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards - Every Step  4:26
from "Distance"

EMA - Jane  4:34
from "The Future's Void"

Bend Sinister - Thunder And Lightning  4:39
from "Animals"

This Will Destroy You - God's Teeth  4:41
from "Another Language"

Building Instrument - Sprak  4:45
from "Building Instrument"

Trioscapes - Hysteria  6:48
from "Digital Dream Sequence"

Julian Arguelles - A Simple Question  6:55
from "Circularity"

Geraud Portal - Fort Greene Vibes  7:51
from "Fort Greene Story"

Lachenmann - String Quartet No 3 : Grido 3rd Movement  5:41
from "String Quartets"

Lachenmann - Serynade 3rd Movement  10:23
from "Allegro Sostenuto"

Elgar - Variations On An Original Theme, Op. 36, "Enigma" - Nimrod  4:02
from "The World Of Elgar"

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