Monday, October 18, 2010

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Splinterheart

The new Cloudland Blue Quartet album, "Splinterheart" is out now (released 31 August 2010)...

The eighth song-based album by David Reilly since 1997, it features twelve new tracks, including input from collaborators Peri Urban, Andy Wilson, Craig Sutherland, Sour Grapes Productions and Norman Lamont...

The LP is offered either as a free download or a Gatefold Sleeve CD Package priced £10 (P&P is free)...

Initial copies of the CD include an 80 minute disc of remixes, none of which is available for download...

To purchase the 2CD Package, or to download tracks or to listen to the album, please go to the dedicated "Splinterheart" website...

Catalogue Number : Crispycat 1001
Release Date 31/08/2010
Recorded 09/2009 - 06/2010

Cloudland Blue Quartet

01 Splinterheart 3:10
02 The Apple of Your Eye (pt 1) 3:57
03 The Killers at the Counter 5:45
04 Here They Come With the New Machines 6:11
05 The Eternal Optimist 4:49
06 Krebs Went to War 5:48
07 The Foundling 3:25
08 The Cage of Expectation 5:46
09 I Walk to the Beat of a Cold Broken Heart 2:32
10 Black Earth and the City Falls 6:04
11 The Apple of Your Eye (pt 2) 3:07
12 Never or Now 3:21

Additional Disc (Non Download) (Initial Copies Only)
01 The Killers at the Counter (Instrumental Mix I) 13:34
02 The Cage of Expectation (Instrumental Mix) 10:45
03 The Eternal Optimist (Instrumental Mix) 30:01
04 The Killers at the Counter (Instrumental Mix II) 13:34
05 Black Earth and the City Falls (Long Mix) 11:41

Price £10.00
Free Delivery

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