Friday, April 15, 2005

Contact, Smoke and Cold

I’ve been in touch with the other Creek guys recently. Stuart e-mails me asking about my toe. Alan left a message on my voicemail saying we should do lunch (first I’ve heard from him since December, which was the first I’d heard from him for about 3 months too). And I had to call Craig today because he’s inadvertently blacklisted my e-mail address so I can’t mail him any updates for the Crispycat site. So contact, but no music.

Craig is in the finishing stages of his 5 track EP which will also have a re-mix disc. We’ll put it out through Crispycat, because he is a collaborator and I’ll be working on one of the remixes.

My cold really kicked in today after last nights smoking session. I often get bad colds/flu which seem to have no discernable source. This one started around Tuesday morning but wasn’t too bad till last night.

Today I listened to the November demos of “Deeperdown” 3 or 4 times to help with the new demos I’m doing for second guitar lines and synth parts.

I spent around six hours in the studio today after reassembling it following the mobile recording yesterday. I recorded 2nd guitar parts for all 14 songs and then ran through the whole album adding synth ideas. Quite a productive day and the songs sound a lot more “whole” now there’s another guitar there. Of course I’ll need to do it all again – this was just to get the ideas down on disc.

Felt rotten re this cold and finally went to bed around 12:30 am

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