Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Car Is Fixed (quote unquote)

Took the car to be fixed today.

Everytime the same scenario (after wasting an hour of my day getting the car there and getting into town on “public transport”):

Me: “Is it fixed?”
Them : “Why certainly, absolutely, no question about it, we found the fault and we fixed it”
Me : “OK then, I’ll come and pick it up” (wastes another hour getting out to the Godforsaken hurricane ravished outskirt of Edinburgh on “public transport”)

…and every bloody single time the same result. “Here’s the car, happy motoring (without being driven mental by the strange noises from under your dashboard)”

I drive away from the forecourt – manned, due to the late hour, by the car hire bloke as opposed to anyone who knows anything about cars (ha! As if there actually is EVER anyone there who does!!) – and lo and be-bloody-hold – there’s that noise again first time I go over the smallest imperfection in Edinburgh’s frankly les than perfect driving environment….


Now will I phone them again – can I be ARSED?? Only time will tell.

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