Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Birthday years....

Today I had a number of tasks to carry out but only managed to complete one. I have to:-

1. Prepare the CD singles so they are available by the time I return to performing
2. Edit Ian Sclater’s session from Sunday and burn him a copy
3. Copy all the discs I borrowed from the library before I have to return them on Saturday
4. Compile and burn a three CD set for a friend who’s husband will celebrate his 50th birthday this weekend.

Time is tight as I’m going to see the Czars tomorrow and Laurie Anderson on Friday and may go to Out of the Bedroom on Thursday (but only if I can get task one done on time).

In the end my priority is number 4 as it has to be done by Thursday morning and I’m out tomorrow.

I’ve done a few of these one off CDs for friends on their birthdays but this is the biggest project (40 being the previous largest). I take one hit single from the month of the person’s birthday for each year from their actual birth to the present day – but without repeating any single artist. So I have to include one track more than the person’s age, if I’m counting their actual Date of Birth. So this is a 51 track set.

The recipients are always delighted with these personalised artefacts, the covers of which will normally include old photos of them at particular stages in their lives, which the person ordering the disc will have provided.

I feel I could make a lot of money out of this idea if I licensed all the tracks I’d ever use – it would mean licensing just one new track per month…..if you’re from the music industry reading this, I don’t really do this, I’m just thinking about it…and I don't copy anything I borrow from the library...

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