Saturday, December 09, 2017

Old lady seemingly more popular than new LP...

2raumwohnung - Nacht und Tag
The Mute Gods - tardigrades will inherit the earth
The National - Sleep Well Beast
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - The Vietnam War (Original Score)
Morrissey - Low In High School
Sparks - Hippopotamus
Threshold - Legends Of The Shires
Bill Orcutt - Bill Orcutt
Nordic Giants - Amplify Human Vibration
This Patch Of Sky - These Small Spaces
Jason van Wyk - Opacity
Tori Amos - Native Invader
Magma Waves - And Who Will Take of You Now
Mogwai - Every Country's Sun
Tony MacAlpine - Death of Roses
Daniel Cavanagh - Monochrome
Leprous - Malina
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
Behind the Shadow Drops - Harmonic
Steve Roach - Nostalgia for the Future
The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful (Deluxe Edition)
Max Richter - Taboo (Music From The Original TV Series)
Ollie Howell - Self-Identity
Brian Eno - Reflection
Blackfield - Blackfield V
Glories - There Is No Stillness
flyingdeadman - 56 seasons
Torgeir Waldemar - No Offending Borders
Grandaddy - Last Place
KXM - Scatterbrain
Kepler Ten - Delta - V
Carducci Quartet w/ Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull - The String Quartets
Sleepmakeswaves - Made of breath only
Ayreon - The Source
Lonely Robot - The Big Dream
Anathema - The Optimist
Mostly Autumn - Sight Of Day
Labyrinth - Architecture Of A God
Deep Purple - Infinite
Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want?
Lambert - Sweet Apocalypse
Bjørn Riis - Forever Comes to an End
Orion Tango - The Apple of No
Mike Oldfield - Return To Ommadawn
Kaprekar's Constant - Fate Outsmarts Desire
Atlas - Atlas
The Physics House Band - Mercury Fountain
Coppice Halifax - White Pillar
Roedelius, Chaplin & Heath - Triptych in Blue
Pixie Ninja - Ultrasound
Alice Cooper - Paranormal
The Tangent - The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery
Styx - The Mission
Steven Wilson - To The Bone
Motorpsycho - Here Be Monsters
Motorpsycho - The Tower
Lambert - Day by Day Project
Richard Barbieri - Planets + Persona
Ke$ha - Rainbow
Elbow - Little Fictions
Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life
RTFACT - Life Is Good
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Disquietmusik
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Live Set Podcast 2017
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Anthology : Rubinmusik 1977-2016
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Live Set Run Through (2017-08-20)
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Four Last Things (Pedantic Pedestrian Remixes)
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Rubinmusik 1977-2017 (Remixed Remastered)
Big Big Train - Grimspound
musicformessier - Constellations I.
Cloudland Blue Quartet - 2017 Live Set
Klaus Schulze - Contemporary Works
Richard Skelton - Thirty Works
Earth Wind & Fire - Box Set

Up early but no podcast (yet) to upload...

Working on other stuff re music of of the year...

A long playlist today as I listened back to the over 130 2017 LPs in the collection...

To the gym, under good early skies...

A reasonable amount of distance covered on the machines and then a wander in Sainsbury...

Swithered over a couple of these- just as well I did not buy as they were deemed to be "too big"...

Mmm, storage - a box taken...

As I wandered around, Roger Waters popped up on my headphones and my thoughts turned to this time both seven and six years ago and the fate of my wee sister...

Home for breakfast and some TV, the latest episodes of "Love, Lies and Records" - in which we are starting to detect some holes but it's entertaining nonetheless...

In the afternoon, with Anne off to see Hearts' first win at the revamped Tyncastle (1-0 over Motherwell), I had eschewed a visit to Dunfermline to see Queens - turned out to be a glorious 5-2 away win with Stephen Dobbie securing a hat trick in the last 16 minutes of the game...


Anyway, I recorded and uploaded the podcast and uploaded and released the latest CBQ album, the 15th of soundscapes since 1996 - "Disquietmusik" - which comprises the guitarscapes recorded back in July...

In the evening, took Anne to her Xmas party then drove out to my mum's...

It was time for some cheering up as we recalled sister Pam finally losing her just over a year long fight against her brain tumour...

With sister Sheila off to Yorkshire to celebrate great nephew wee Dougie's second birthday, just me and my old ma were out tonight...

The venue was Cibo near Roslin...

Crackers were pulled and Xmas hats were donned...

The food was good...

...and much enjoyed...

Especially the ice cream...

...and the chat was surprisingly good too...

I introduced my mum to the Twitter...

Her pictures seemed to garner more interest than my new LP...

And so it goes...


...and home, where mum was looking forward to catching up with "Strictly"...

Some listening and surfing as I waited on the call from Anne...

Of course, Tiger popped in for a visit on my return home...

...and was still here when Anne hit the sack, all partied out...

Eventually, he had to be ejected so that I too could get to bed...

A packed day...

Highlight of the Day : New album out...

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