Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Second favourites can also be good and the artist as composer...

Madredeus - Capricho Sentimental
Vanilla Fudge - Then And Now
Orion Tango - The Apple of No
Alice Cooper - Paranormal
Uriah Heep - Magician's Birthday
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare
The Tubes - Young and Rich
Pink Floyd - Animals
Brian Eno - Music For Films
The Tubes - Remote Control
Fehlfarben - Monarchie Und Alltag (Orig)
King Crimson - Discipline
The Cure - Pornography
Brian Eno - Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks
The Blue Nile - A Walk Across The Rooftops
New Order - Low-Life
Peter Gabriel - So
Earthworks - Earthworks
The Church - Starfish
It Bites - Eat Me In St Louis
Adrian Belew - Young Lions
Fehlfarben - Die Platte Des Himmlischen Friedens
Brian Eno - Nerve Net
Talk Talk - Laughing Stock
Rheostatics - Introducing Happiness
David Bowie - Outside
King Crimson - THRaKaTTaK
Yes - Open Your Eyes
Jason Falkner - Can You Still Feel ?
Lucy Kaplansky - Every Single Day
David Bowie - Heathen
Fripp & Eno - The Equatorial Stars
Robert Fripp - Love Cannot Bear
Gould Glenn Gould - The Composer
Vanilla Fudge - The Beat Goes On
Haystacks Balboa - Haystacks Balboa
Various - Botchit Breaks 2
Donna Lewis - Brand New Day
Orion Tango - The Apple of No
Alice Cooper - Paranormal
Sparks - Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me) [Single]
Pink Floyd - 1969 Dramatis/ation
Pink Floyd - 1972 Obfusc/ation
Miroslav Vitouš - Universal Syncopations
Various - Spiritual Jazz Volume 4: Americans In Europe
Chickenfoot - Best + Live
Styx - The Mission
Gov't Mule - Revolution Come…Revolution Go
The Tangent - The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery
Steven Wilson - To The Bone
Dulce Pontes - Best Of Dulce Pontes

This arrived quickly - I'd forgotten it was a direct purchase rather than a marketplace seller - nice...

Other than that, compiled my 2nd fave LP bought in the year of release from 1972 to 2017 and put together a wee playlist re that...

Red Thai Chicken Curry - top notch from the Exec Producer....

On telly, "The Windsors" was also declared to be "top notch" - today spoofing Scottish Independence...

Light out...

Highlight of the Day : New Gould...

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