Monday, January 18, 2016

While I'm Away (III)

Here's even more of what I was finding good around this time two years ago...

1.SS SQ XIX 4th Movement (edit) by Cloudland Blue Quartet
2.Minmin by Do Make Say Think
3.Elfland by Trio Elf
4.Telema by To Rococo Rot
5.Autumn Serenade by Dave King
6.War Pigs by Black Sabbath
7.Godboy by Dutch Uncles
8.Funf Bruchstucke V by Widman
9.Color Dreams (mono mix) by The Deep
10.Deep in the Heart of Nebraska by Orphan Egg
11.Sojourn by Privilege
12.On the Dark Great Sea by Petrels
13.The Light in the Early Evening (pt 1) (edit) by Cloudland Blue Quartet
14.The Actor Leaves the Stage by Cloudland Blue Quartet
15.String Quartet No 5 by Scelsi
16.String Quartet No 15 by Hába
17.Piano and String Quartet (edit) by Feldman
18.Breaking Silence by Capital Models
19.The Visited by Witxes
20.Peripheriques 3 (Buenos Aires) by Thomas Köner
21.Rock'n'Roll With Me by David Bowie
22.Question (Alternate Version) by Moody Blues
23.Innocence and Guilt by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
24.Preludes for Piano Series IV (Opening) by Scelsi
25.The Glow Was Slightly Tarnished (pt 2) by Creek

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