Monday, January 18, 2016

While I'm Away (I)

Here's what I was finding good around this time two years ago...

1.The Pastoral Province (edit) by Cloudland Blue Quartet
2.Never Can Say Goodbye by Isaac Hayes
3.Cut the Cake by Average White Band
4.Lock Me Up by Alice Cooper
5.High Priestess by Uriah Heep
6.Mr Pretty Boy by Grand Funk
7.Happy Family by King Crimson
8.Candy's Going Bad by Golden Earring
9.Give Love Each Day by Yes
10.Ramblin'Rose by MC5
11.Love is Lost by avid Bowie
12.The Beginning of Memory by Laurie Anderson
13.Status Quo by Clifford Jordan
14.What Goes On by The Velvet Underground
15.Who Am I by Lou Reed
16.Every Single Night by Fiona Apple
17.Snusvisan by The Thing
18.Novaya Zemlya 2 by Thomas Köner
19.Cheap Thrills by The Mothers of Invention
20.Entanglement by Zevious
21.2B Ornette by Spontaneous Music Ensemble
22.Something Spiritual by The Tony Williams Lifetime
23.Hammer Baby Hammer by Trio Elf
24.Daikan (edit) by Thomas Köner
25.Morphine Codex (edit) by Cloudland Blue Quartet

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