Thursday, January 03, 2013

Thinking about travelling...

Various – 1970
Various – 1971
Various – 1959
The Alvaret Ensemble - The Alvaret Ensemble
Various – Podcasts from the Yellow Room Episode 52
GWC P7 – The Hope Placed in Our Hands
Kitty – Break the Ice Around Us
Kodiak – Kodiak
Kiss – Sonic Boom
Cloudland Blue Quartet – Riverleaves
Bersarin Quartett – Live at Dom Moskau 24 02 12
Celeste - Misanthrope
Celeste – Morte Nee
Celeste - Nihiliste
Celeste - Pessimiste
Various – Denovali Swingfest 2012 Sampler
Heirs – Alchera
Her Name is Calla – Long Grass
Iroha – Shooting at the Clocks
Iroha/Fragment – Bittersweet
Kodiak – Kodiak
Lento – Icon
Neil on Impression – Oceano
Various – Nordic Lake Sounds I
Various – Nordic Lake Sounds II
Various – Nordic Lake Sounds IV
Omega Massif – Geisterstadt
Omega Massif – Kalt
Petrels – Things in Common
Revok – Bad Books and Empty Pasts
Sankt Otten- Sanger und Sunder
Terminal Soundsystem – Tour EP
Fennesz - Last FM
William Basinski - Melancholia
DDHR – The Drone Effect

Up at 7:30 – Anne off to work for half a day then back on holiday...

Spent (or wasted) some considerable time reorganising the CD collection...

The first CD of 2013 arrived in the post – The Alvaret Ensemble’s eponymous debut 2CD set...

Superb improvised music recorded in a Berlin church – as featured over on SidSmith’s blog in his 52nd episode of “Podcasts from the Yellow Room” – to which I happened to be listening as the disc popped through the letter box...

On Anne’s return, we watched the Audrey Tatou film “God is Great and I’m Not”...

It was ok but not great...

Thereafter some considerable time spent investigating the music available on The Alvaret Ensemble’s label, Denovali and downloaded everything that was on offer for free...

Noted they are having a festival of sorts in London in late April and Berlin in early April...

The genesis of a thought to possibly attend...

Thought given too to a possible American trip...

To bed well past midnight having spent most of the day listening to weird electronic music – which is no bad thing...

Highlight of the Day : New discoveries...

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