Monday, March 15, 2021

Forgotten and unforgotten...

Edward Spark/Cloudland Blue Quartet - Fallen Remix EP
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Piano Pieces (8 March 2021)
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Piano Pieces (7 March 2021)
Valgeir Sigurðsson - Dissonance
Gabi Delgado - Mistress
Robert Görl - Night Full of Tension
Wes Montgomery - Boss Guitar
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane
John Grant - Queen Of Denmark
Thomas Köner - Nunatak
Brian Eno - On Land
New Order - Get Ready
David Bowie - Space Oddity
Fountains Of Wayne - Utopia Parkway
The Divine Comedy - Casanova
Moby - Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt
Bryan Ferry - Dylanesque
Radiohead - Hail To The Thief
Mogwai - Rave Tapes
Gentle Giant - Civilian (Remaster)
Adrian Belew - Mr. Music Head
Stars of the Lid - The Ballasted Orchestra
William Orbit - Pieces In A Modern Style
Moby - Play
Robert Fripp - Love Cannot Bear
Dream Theater - Distance Over Time
Fehlfarben - Knietief im Dispo
Taylor Swift - Red
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
Robyn - Body Talk
Grandaddy - Sumday
Sonny Clark - Leapin' and Lopin'
Girls Aloud - Chemistry
The Divine Comedy - Fin De Siècle
Lou Donaldson - Gravy Train
The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix
Chicago - Chicago Transit Authority
Lou Reed - Set The Twilight Reeling
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Weasels Ripped My Flesh
Max Richter - The Blue Notebooks
King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair
John Cale - Honi Soit
Talking Heads - Fear Of Music
David Bowie - Heathen
Crowded House - Temple of Low Men
Pet Shop Boys - Release
Joy Division - Closer
Peter Baumann - Romance '76.

Up reasonably early and doing stuff pre WFH...


A couple of "Future Man" at lunchtime...

This evening, was looking at the entry from a year ago and found this pic of the iTunes tally...

Today, it was this...

That's 90 days and 3 hours of music added in a year...

Three months of music, playing non-stop, 24/7...

A quarter of a year of music added in a year...

23,843 tracks...

Have I listened to them all?

Have I banjo...

On telly, a watch, via my phone, "cast" onto the TV, of last week's seemingly disappeared from the schedules, "Unforgotten"...

Some listening, then, at 8;30, "University Challenge"...

We were dreadful but, by the end, had still managed to accrue 80 points - a couple of good answers from the EP, particularly "Chert" and "Cert"...

Then, the next of "Unforgotten"...

Forgot to mention that, on Friday, re a story about how the NHS had botched up the letters issuing Vaccine appointments, the EP had made a couple of calls and come excitedly into the room where I spend my days WFH to advise our appointments were for Tuesday...

So, tomorrow is Vax day - and I don't mean a Hoover alternative...

Off to bed at midnight with Saturday's podcast in my lugs..

Highlight of the Day : Unforgotten...

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