Friday, July 10, 2015

Golf and compilation...

The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album)
The Beatles - Abbey Road
The Beatles - 1962-1966
The Beatles - Revolver
The Beatles - Beatles For Sale
The Beatles - Help!
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
The Beatles - 1967-1970
The Beatles - Let It Be
Paul McCartney & Wings - Red Rose Speedway
Tangerine Dream - Mala Kunia
Yes - The Chris Squire Collection
Chicago - The Best Of Chicago: 40th Anniversary Edition
The Bad Plus/Joshua Redman - The Bad Plus Joshua Redman
Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Matthew Florianz - Tauern
Sparks - FFS
Creek - Creek 2015
Jacaszek - Catalogue des Arbres
King Crimson - Live At the Orpheum
Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place
Jeroen Van Veen - Van Veen : Piano Music
Schulhoff Quartett - Schulhoff : Musik Für Streichquartett
GoGo Penguin - Fanfares
Castiglioni - Piano Works
Joachim Kühn - Springfever
GoGo Penguin - V 2.0

Out into the rain...

...and down the hill...

Breakfast of Eggs Benedict at The Huxley with chums Bryan, Stuart, Ross, Lodger and Gary...

A large taxi down the East Lothian coast to Gullane...

For, today, Mr Quartet was watching some golf...

Slightly overcast - but that was good, in the old not getting your neck burnt red raw stakes...

Some walking around the course...

Drinks - your correspondent was cawing canny and on the Diet Cokes, tonight's Exec Producer ran dan evening having already been in the diary when this golf scenario was recently arranged and Mr CBQ having already agreed to act as late doors taxi...

I must admit to not knowing who any of the players were - I know though that, sadly and somewhat disappointingly, Golf Monster Alice Cooper was not taking part...

Despite stormy skies, there was no rain and it was warm...

Hearts legend Jim Jefferies was in attendance - a texted re this Exec Producer was jealous...

Fish and chips for lunch, more drinks, more walking...

More watching...

Finally, down the 18th...

...with a sunny Berwick Law, my dad and Sister Pam in the distance...

The view from the 1st tee...

The view from the bar...

...and time to leave...

A trip back along the coast to Edinburgh, my colleagues in a slightly worse for wear condition, the cumulative effects of over six hours of imbibing having now kicked in, whilst your correspondent had enjoyed four Diet Cokes a pint of lager shandy and a mineral water...

I left them in Morrison St, just after seven, about to "get it on" for the rest of the evening, as they say...

Home via a convoluted bus journey, the Exec Producer advising she was already in Fife and having a good time... 

In the inbox, more from Italy...

This in the garden...

A girl must do her hair...

Sad to be coming home...

Meanwhile, I compiled my top fifty acquisitions of the year thus far (only 27 of which exist in physical form at this point)...

The Lindsays - Beethoven : The Complete String Quartets (8CD)
Jeroen Van Veen - Ter Veldhuis : JacobTV Complete Solo Piano Music (2CD)
Frank Zappa - Zappa In New York (2D)
Chicago - The Best Of Chicago: 40th Anniversary Edition (2CD)
Fela Kuti - Fela's London Scene
Jeroen Van Venn - Van Veen : Piano Music (5CD)
GoGo Penguin - Fanfares
GoGo Penguin - V 2.0
King Crimson - Live At the Orpheum
Neal Morse - The Grand Experiment

Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Dutch Uncles - O Shudder
Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place
Tangerine Dream - Mala Kunia
UK - UK Final World Tour 2015 (2CD-R)
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Schneewittchen (Unreleased)
Schwartz- Music For... (CD-R)
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery (Remaster) (3CD)
Great Lake Swimmers - New Wild Everywhere (2CD)
Thomas Köner - La Barca (Complete Edition) (2CD)

Edward Spark - 1.9.7.FOUR (Unreleased)
Eric Dolphy - Last Date
Simon Smith - Schnittke: Complete Piano Music (2CD)
Donna Lewis - Brand New Day
Schulhoff Quartet - Schulhoff : Musik Für Streichquartett
Rubin Quartet - Bartók : String Quartets (2CD)
Castiglioni - Piano Works
Kronos Quartet - White Man Sleeps
Creek - Creek 2015 (Unreleased)
Gavin Harrison & O5Ric - The Man Who Sold Himself

Various - Punky Reggae Selecta
Jeroen Van Veen - Einaudi: Waves The Piano Collection (7CD)
Herman Van Veen - Kersvers
Jacaszek - Catalogue des Arbres
Isaac Hayes - The Best Of The Polydor Years
Eddie Harris - E.H. In The U.K.
King Tubby - King Tubby's Special 1973-1976 (2CD)
The Czars - Best of Czars (2CD)
The Bad Plus/Joshua Redman - The Bad Plus Joshua Redman
The Blue Note 7 - Mosaic: A Celebration Of Blue Note

Matthew Florianz - Tauern (2CD)
Udo Lindenberg - Ich mach mein Ding : Die Show (3CD)
Yello - Touch Yello
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Liveat Newport & The Isle of Wight
Various Composers - Barytonmusik des 18. Jahrhunderts
Joachim Kühn - Springfever
Eddie Harris - Silver Cycles
Yes - The Chris Squire Collection (2CD-R)
Muse - Drones
Sparks/Franz Ferdinand - FFS

Strangely, these do not exactly reflect my Monthly Top tens noted here...

Oh well, things change...

A taxi hail just before 10 and over to Dalgety Bay..

An enjoyable hour spent chatting with a worse for wear Anne and her own worse for wear colleagues, including many, not seen for probably too long, chums...

Home just before midnight - some surfing, some listening and then, hitting the sack with my top 50 on shuffleplay...

Highlight of the Day : Golf day, compiling...

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