Monday, April 29, 2013

Coming to terms with Basinski...

Various - Denovali London Swingfest Sampler
Gary Husband - The Things I See
Teresa Salgueiro - O Misterio
Hidden Orchestra - Archipelago
Yannah Valdevit - Equilibrium
Blue Hawaii - Untogether
Voigt & Voigt - Die zauberhafte Welt der Anderen
Brandt Brauer Frick - Miami
Cole/Roedelius - Selected Studies Vol 1
The Sign of Four - Hammer Anvil StirrupTrixie Whitley - Fourth Corner
Breathless - Green to Blue
Various - 20 Jahre Kompakt
Queens - End Times
Benjamin Damage - Heliosphere
Metabowman - Ja : Noe
Schnittke - Chamber Music 1
Franck - String Quartet in D Major
Vivaldi - Piccolo Concertos
Trio Papillon - Gaubert Koetsier Komma Schumann Zehm Delanoff
Ensemble Kontraste - Milhaud, Hindemith, Bartok
Bischoff - Audio Combine
Lund Quartet - Lund Quartet
Johan Verminnen - 60
Greg Haines - Where We Were
Thomas Koner - Nunatak
Thomas Koner - Teimo
Thomas Koner - Permafrost
Various - Aloud Music Sampler Vol 3
Bernica Octet - Perple en Soundpainting/Bric a Brac
Xenakis - Pleiades
Rollin' Bunkers - Invasion!
Agnes Obel - Philharmonia
Francoise Hardy - L'Amour Fou
Nanoohm - Nanoohm
Klink Clock - We Don't Have the Time to Do Love All the Time
Petrels - All Things in Common
Omega Massif - Geisterstadt
Berio - Sequenza I-XIV
Golijov - Tenebrae
Marshall - Fog Tropes II
Schnittke - Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief
Basinski - The Disintegration Loops, dlp 1.1 (orchestrated by Maxim Moston)

A day spent mostly listening to newly acquired music whilst ripping it all for the Jukebox...

I cannot recommend enough that you to partake...

You can't actually download the 40 minute Basinski piece from that site but here is the link for that...


In the evening, a successful attempt by the Exec Producer to recreate the excellent ham, rocket, strawberry and parmesan salad enjoyed last week in Lille...

Other than that, catching up with "Dr Who" and other faves on the Tivo box...

"Broadchurch" concluded a week a go - we watched it tonight - the killer was someone about whom there had been no clues and every suspect previously suspected was a red herring - and how on earth is it going to come back?

On the upside it was replaced (or half replaced) by the funniest thing I've seen in ages...

"Vicious" starring Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellan as a  bitter and twisted old gay couple living in a flat in what looks like a vampire's lair in  London's West End, with Frances de La Tour as their lady friend...

So un-PC it was almost off the scale...


But the theme tune ought to have been "Vicious, you hit me with a flower"...

Highlight of the Day : Coming to terms with Basinski - and a great new Monday night comedy...

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