Saturday, April 08, 2017

Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection 2017 Vol 14

Just sixteen tracks this week but sixteen goodies...prog from Schnittke & Torke, blues from the master, CBQ & Reptiles, Curtis and the Beasties, cookin' jazz, funky funk, Japan & John Foxx, croakin' Waits & Martyn, lovely Armstrong & Zahara - it's all here, kind of...

Featured LPs

B.B. King - Singin' the Blues
Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Twenty Seventeen Demos
Craig Armstrong - Piano Works
Curtis Mayfield - Curtis
David Reilly - Rubinmusik 1977-2017
Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids
John Foxx - The Omnidelic Exotour (The Golden Section Tour)
John Martyn - Mad Dog Days
Schnittke - Concerto For Piano 4 Hands & Concerto For Piano & Strings
Sonny Rollins Quartet - Tenor Madness
Tom Waits - Small Change
Torke - Color Music
Wes Montgomery & The Winton Kelly Trio - Smokin' At The Half Note
Zahara - La Pareja Toxica
Various - Gimme A Break

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