Monday, July 25, 2016

Salmon, string quartets, jazz and data...

Peter Gabriel - Hit
Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan
Jackie McLean - Blue Note : Spring Sampler 2000
Mozart - Piano Concertos
Robert Fripp - Exposure
Electric Light Orchestra - Balance of Power
Metheny/Mehldau - Metheny Mehldau
Rautavaara - Rautavaara: Piano Works
Bartók - Violin Concertos #1 & 2
Alice Cooper - Trash
Alice Cooper - The Alice Cooper Show
Trio - Die größten Erfolge
Marillion - Milano Jukebox 1998
Ke$ha - Warrior
Beethoven - Beethoven; Schubert: String Trios
Cowboy Junkies - Pale Sun Crescent Moon
Dexter Gordon - A Swingin' Affair
Nick Drake - Fruit Tree
Grieg - Complete Chamber Music
Genesis - Live at the Rainbow 1973
Milhaud - Milhaud, Hindemith, Bartok
Korngold - Classic CD (1997)
Peter Gabriel - New Blood
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Splinterheart
Yello - The New Mix in One Go
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Santana - Abraxas
U2 - Achtung Baby
David Bowie - Acoustic Bowie (Earthling Promo Tour 96/97)
Sarah MacDougall - Across the Atlantic
L Berkeley - String Quartet No 2
Beethoven - String Quartet No 11
Ligeti - String Quartet No 2
Hindemith - Music for Bass Clarinet & Piano
Hindemith - String Quartet No 7
John Abercrombie - Class Trip
Gary Husband - Dirty & Beautiful Vol 1

Overcast this morning…

…as I made my way down the hill…

At lunchtime, transferring a large sum of money to Creeker Craig re his outlay for Pet Shop Boys tickets for next February…

For someone who doesn’t enjoy live gigs that much, I seem to spend quite a lot of cash on them…

Better skies on the way home…

…and an enjoyable early evening in the newly tidied back room, post a “Big Bang Theory” repeat and some tasty salmon, potato and broccoli from the Exec Producer…

String quartets were enjoyed…

…pre and post “University Challenge”, where the Crispycat team was “on fire” gaining over 150 points…

To be fair, we were claiming five points for answering bonus questions correctly where the “starter for ten” had somehow eluded our combined general knowledge…

More string quartets…

…were followed by some tasty jazz…

...before retiring downstairs for a couple of documentaries on BBC4 – “The Real White Queen and Her Rivals” and “The Joy of Data”…

Bed at midnight…

Highlight of the Day : String quartets…

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