Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 51

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 51...

Two hours of music from the collection of Mr CBQ and, this week, we have 26 tracks which have entertained over the last seven days...

...during which time, light also entered the CBQ camera thus...

Where else, other than on a Cloudland Blue playlist, will you go from a track from the solo album by Nadine of Girls Aloud to a 15 minute mid 70's live improv by prog rockers King Crimson in the space of three tracks, having taken in some tasty reggae and none other than The Damned in between?

Where else, other than on a Cloudland Blue playlist, will you go from a piece of tuneless contemporary German classical music to the rock'n'roll pastiche of the Move and a solo track by each of the Beatles?

Where else, other than on a Cloudland Blue playlist, will you go from Bryan Ferry's take on a Robert Palmer classic to a piece of 18th Century music for viola representing an operation to remove a stone from someone's bladder?

Just three good reasons of the twenty six in the latest weekly output from Mr CBQ, for you to wrap your ears around this for a couple of hours...

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If you're interested in knowing about any of the tracks, contact me...

Press play and away we go...

Nadine - Put Your Hands Up  3:45
from "Insatiable"

The Untouchables - Tighten Up  2:39
from "The Trojan Story: The Label That Defined Reggae"

The Damned - You Know  5:01
from "Music For Pleasure"

King Crimson - Improv: A Voyage To The Centre Of The Cosmos  15:03
from "The Road To Red (18) Providence, RI 30/06/74"

Weather Report - Experience in E (Excerpt)  5:45
from "Forecast : Tomorrow"

Corelli - Concerto Grosso Nr. 9 F-Dur - Allegro  2:26
from "Musik Für Johann Wilhelm Von Der Pfalz"

Marc Almond - Dream Lover  3:23
from "Stardom Road"

Maintz - Tourbillon. Musik Für Violine, Violoncello Und Klavier (2008)  6:12
from "Edition Zeitgenössische Musik: Philipp Maintz"

The Move - California Man  3:39
from "Message from the Country"

Mott the Hoople - You Really Got Me  2:55
from "Mott the Hoople"

Andy MacKay - Time Regained  2:40
from "In Search Of Eddie Riff"

Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love's Theme  4:08
from "Barry White The Collection"

Belinda Carlisle - Live Your Life Be Free  5:15
from "Live Your Life Be Free"

Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo  3:17
from "The Beatles : Solo Singles 1969-1975"

Paul McCartney - Heart Of The Country  2:24
from "Ram"

John Lennon - Steel and Glass  4:34
from "Walls And Bridges"

George Harrison - Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)  3:37
from "The Beatles : Solo Singles 1969-1975"

The Blue Nile - New York Man  3:57
from "Rarities 1984-1996"

Clearlight - Without Words  7:40
from "Forever Blowing Bubbles"

David Bowie - Sorrow  2:54
from "Nothing Has Changed"

Bryan Ferry - Johnny And Mary  6:50
from "Avonmore"

Marais - Le Tableau de l'Operation de la Taille  5:12
from "Komödiantische Musik des Barock"

Schenck - Sonata Nr. 3 Fis-Moll Fèr Viola Da Gamba Und B.C - Sarabanda  2:59
from "Musik Für Johann Wilhelm Von Der Pfalz"

Beethoven - String Quartet No.6 Op.18 II.Adagio Ma Non Troppo  6:28
from "Lumieres : 28 : Les Grande Quatuors Classiques"

Bach, J S - Präludium c-moll BWV 999  2:00
from "Bach: Works For Lute"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Reinhardt Absent Overlay (Detail)  9:58
from "Morphinecodex"

Hope you enjoy this week's selection and will pop by again next week for the last weekly playlist of 2014 from Mr CBQ...

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