Monday, April 21, 2014

Discovering the undiscovered...

The Samuel Jackson Five - The Samuel Jackson Five
Frànçois And The Atlas Mountains - Piano Ombre
Scelsi - Giacinto Scelsi: Chamber Works for Flute and Piano
Goldstein - Goldstein: Cyclorama
Sophie Hunger - The Danger Of Light
Various - Soul Jazz Records Singles 2008-2009
Alexi Tuomarila Trio - Seven Hills
Justin Rutledge - The Devil On A Bench In Stanley Park
Machine Mass Trio - As Real As Thinking
Turina - Trios para piano, violin y cello y Circulo
Taketi Uloomu - The Fifth Season
Ulrich Schnauss - Far Away Trains Passing By
Bruno Heinen - Tierkreis
Jónsi - Go
Keith Emerson - Emerson Plays Emerson
Carsten Dahl - Effata

Soundtracked today by the first batch of ripped new acquisitions from the weekend...

Some good stuff on there, much of it previously completely unknown to me and, so far, no real duds - though the Soul Jazz collection does seem to have a large number of annoying tracks but I suppose that goes with the territory...

Meanwhile spring continues...

In the evening, some catching up on Tivo with the Exec Producer, while this lot was relegated from the shelf by the new inlux of stuff...

Lights out...

Highlight of the day : New music...

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