Friday, March 22, 2013

Riverleaves Pre-release

The new Cloudland Blue Quartet album, "Riverleaves" - the first full soundscapes release since December 2005 - is on pre-release over at Bandcamp - official release date is 29 April...

Take a listen - or buy it already even...

The album comes as two tracks, side one and side two, with each comprising a suite of soundscapes:-

SIDE ONE (25:32)
Riverleaves pt 1
Time Waits
No Hiding Place
Never Coming Back
Nearly There
Riverleaves pt 2

SIDE TWO (24:21)
Gradually Coming Round
Take Everything
Not Forgetting
Riverleaves pt 3

Written and Recorded at Crispycat, 16-20 December 2012

Contains Intentional Distortion and Clicks
Samples, Treatments, Production & Design By David Reilly
©2013 David Reilly (p) 2013 Crispycat Recordings
Executive Producer : Anne Reilly
Catalogue No : Crispycat 1301

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