Wednesday, January 05, 2022

A new regime but nothing too onerous...

Brian Eno - Lux
Brian Eno - On Land
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Events One and Two
Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes - What Kinda Music
The Kinks - Kinks
King Crimson - Islands
Zhu - DREAMLAND (Deluxe)
Erika de Casier - Sensational
Various Artists - Rough Trade Shops Electronic 01
The Gladiators - Dreadlocks The Time Is Now
Ten Walls - AA
Simple Minds - Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call
Quatuor Ébène - Round Midnight
R+R=Now - Collagically Speaking
Genesis - We Can't Dance
Riccardo Chailly: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Prokofiev/Varèse/Mosolov
Sinfonia of London - English Music for Strings
Queen - Greatest Hits II
King Crimson - Music Is Our Friend (Live In Washington & Albany 2021)
King Tubby - Father of Dub
Various Artists - Trance Anthems (The Best Uplifting & Hard Trance)
Various Artists - Trance Masters
Saunders - Rebecca Saunders: Solo
Juniore - Un, Deux, Trois
Various Artists - Acoustic Vol. 3
Black Country, New Road - For the First Time
Davies - Tansy Davies : Nature
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger [Deluxe Version]
George Braith - Extension
Knussen - Knussen Conducts Knussen
Skrillex - Bangarang EP
Vestbo Trio - Reflector
Olivia Rodrigo - Sour
Abba - Voyage
David Bowie - Toy
Various Artists - Trojan UK Hits Box Set
Bread - Essentials
Don McLean - American Pie
Slade - Sladest
Paul Simon - Paul Simon
Colin Blunstone - One Year
Lindisfarne - Fog On The Tyne
Various Artists - Top Of The Pops 1972
Neil Young - Harvest
Jo Jo Gunne - Jo Jo Gunne
The Marmalade - Greatest Hits
Various Artists - Jackie The Album
Gentle Giant - Sight and Sound In Concert

Up early to get stuff done pre the resumption of WFH...

Twitterchum, Dancing Monk, on playing Eno's "On Land", pointed me to this wee film on Youtube, in which a man who knows what he's talking about, explains the system Eno sets out on the back of his LP - which is actually know as the Hafler Circuit...

I use it for both of my systems re listening sans headphones...

No further pics - too busy...

Start of a new regime tonight re the podcasts, as I returned to recording on a Wednesday night (thus freeing up my Fridays once again after a few years)...

And, rather than including - or trying to include - every new item I acquire, I am including a formula of tracks, covering all of these:-

Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection 2022
32 Tracks

CBQ Track
1972 Single
Thursday's Album of the Day
1972 LP
Funk & Soul
Friday's Album of the Day
1982 Single
1982 LP
Saturday's Album of the Day
Contemporary Jazz
1992 Single
Sunday's Album of the Day
1992 LP
Prog Rock
2002 Single
Monday's Album of the Day
2002 LP
Tuesday's Album of the Day
2012 Single
Classic Jazz
Contemporary Classical
2012 LP
Wednesday's Album of the Day
2022 Single
2022 LP

I only decided yesterday to insert all the "looking back on this week" tracks, which, of course takes the length back up to, in the region of, three hours a week...

But doing it remains enjoyable...

So, onwards..

The last section of listening today was singles from 1972, likely to grace future podcasts...

For CBQ, I have 52 albums up on Bandcamp so it'll be a track a week...

So, pre-determined can be the CBQ track, the LPs and singles of the week from now, 2012, 2002, 1992, 1982 and 1972 and the seven LPs of the day (although I won't know the last one till the day of recording)...

The remainder, the "category tracks" (indicated in bold on the list above) will be new stuff in, of that ilk, or stuff from the past, of that ilk...

It's a plan...

Let's see...

As I publish this, the first of these "new" eclectic selections is available over to your right...

I know you won't click play but someone will...

Wait, one more pic - also today, I moved the PA through from the back room and ushered in a slightly new layout...

I like to move things around...

I will probably do so again - not that happy with the old "printer under the turntable" solution...

We'll see...

Lights out...

Highlight of the Day : Podcasting...

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