Monday, March 14, 2016

On the ear not the finger...

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Four Last Things
Field Music - Tones Of Town
Various - The Best Of Hallyday, Rivers, Mitchell, Anthony & Vartan
Various - Front Line Presents Reggae Discomixes
Ornette Coleman - To Whom Who Keeps a Record
Glanert - Sinfonie Nr. 1, Vier Fantasien, Mahler/Skizze, Drei Gesänge (Sinfonie Nr. 2)
Various Composers - Pour Deux Clavecins
Dutilleux - The Centenary Edition
Various - Craig Charles Funk & Soul Classics
Haydn - Doric String Quartet - Wigmore Hall Live
Various Composers - Sonic Circuits VIII
Maxwell Davies - LAGQ
Maxwell Davies - Manto And Madrigals
Maxwell Davies - Caroline Mathilde; Threnody; Ojai Festival Overture; St Thomas Wake
Maxwell Davies - Naxos Quartets #1 & 2
Van Nostrand - Voyage in a White Building I
Gál - The Complete String Quartets Vol 2
Boccherini - Boccherini: String Quartets Op. 32
Igor Levitt - Bach, Beethoven, Rzewski
Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts
Emerson Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery (Remaster)
Keith Emerson - Emerson Plays Emerson
Various - Island Presents: Roots
Genesis - And Then There Were Three
Felfarben - Monarchie und Alltag

Listening to the new album today, along with much other stuff, fine tuning the track selection for this week's podcast...

A trip today to Dunfermline to help some people understand some things to do with money and how best to utilise it...

Sad to learn of the death of Peter Maxwell-Davies at 81 - the Exec Producer and I enjoyed a recital in Glasgow 18 months ago re his 80th birthday...

He was younger than my mum...

Meanwhle, she received what turned out to be an accidental visit this evening from her son - Sheila and Andrew also turned up - I'd got the arrangements wrong...

Here's mum demonstrating that, instead of her finger, they now attach things to her ears to make measurements...

Home in the dark...

...for an evening of listening and watching and recording the links for the podcast - editing the first few...

Meanwhile, the gyp has overcome the Exec Producer...

Highlight of the Day : A wee trip...

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