Sunday, March 27, 2016

Forty years of fun, kind of...

David Reilly - Anthology 1977-2007
The Dancers of San Martino - The Dancers of San Martino
The Dancers of San Martino - Adagio
Love Parade - Half the Civilised World
Cloudland Blue Quartet & Peri Urban - 18.VIII.98 26.VIII.98 6.X.98 10.X.98
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Fifty Five Songs
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Concrete
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Blend EP
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Soundingfall
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Splinterheart
Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Vendôme EP
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Starlightnight
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Riverleaves
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Morphinecodex
DDHR - The Drone Effect
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Four Last Things
George Benson - Good King Bad
George Benson - The George Benson Collection
David Reilly - Rubinmusik 1977-2016
Leclair - Leclair: Le tombeau
Don Ellis Orchestra - Electric Bath
Grand National - Kicking The National Habit
Jean-Michel Jarre - En Concert: Houston/Lyon
Al Green - Greatest Hits: The Best of Al Green
Berliner Philharmoniker - 50 Best Berliner Philharmoniker
Various - Island Presents: Roots
Klavierduo Huber/Thomet - Monolithen : Debussy, Zimmermann & Strawinsky
Field Music - Write Your Own History
Planyavsky - Pour Deux Clavecins
Field Music - Tones Of Town
Various - The Best Of Hallyday, Rivers, Mitchell, Anthony & Vartan

Suddenly realised today, I've been making music in forty of the last forty years - 1977 to 2016...

Set about compiling a set comprising one track from each year...

This involved creating a new track for 2016 - which ended up utilising "The Drone Effect" from December 1977 and a rejected vocal from last year's Creek sessions - and some drums...

Spent some time too listening to 2016 acquisitions, to which I'd not gotten round to listening yet...

Late afternoon, to Anne's mum's for tea - the kids and Jane and Bobby are off to Venice tomorrow...

However, since we see them only once a fortnight in any case, it will be like they have not been away...

Home for TV, which, once again, I cannot remember...

Highlight of the Day : Compiling...

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