Thursday, March 17, 2016


Gal - Complete String Quartets Vol 2
Pete Namlook & Robert Görl - Elektro II
Brian Eno - ENOBOX I / Instrumental
J.J. Johnson - The Eminent J.J. Johnson Volume One
Curtis Fuller - Cabin In The Sky
Jeff Beck - Wired
Various - Cloudland Blue Eclectic Selection 2016 Vols 1-52
Brian Eno - Music For Films
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
Brian Eno - ENOBOX II / Vocal
Schnittke - Complete Piano Music
Paul McCartney & Wings - Venus And Mars
Talking Heads - Fear Of Music
Led Zeppelin - Presence
Earthworks - Earthworks
Nina Hagen - Definitive Collection
Beethoven - The Complete String Quartets
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Four Last Things
Robert Fripp - Exposure
Talking Heads - Fear Of Music
Various - Deep Blue

A relaxing breakfast, soundtracked by a Hans Gal string quartet...

Back to the home of the horse lamp to hear, amongst other things, how to purchase a very large ship...

In the early evening, with its wonderful light... the hospital to see my mum, reasonable light now appearing at the end of that particular tunnel...

She has been able to, once again, use her sticks and may be out early next week...

A pick up from a still under the influence of the lurgi, Anne...

No cooking, so a stop off on the way home for a small Indian takeaway order...

Back home, "Big Bang" and "Brooklyn Nine Nine" entertained...

Some listening, including a "noise based" podcast from Twitter chum John Toolan, broadcast earlier tonight in that Leeds, then, bed...

Highlight of the Day : Mum out soon...

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