Friday, May 11, 2012

Toaster, sink, no...

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Track of the Day
"The Fire in the Clearing" from "Soundingfall" (2009)

Cloudland Blue Quartet - McKenzie Sclater Reilly Demos
Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Angels' Kiss/Lights Out Remixes
Cloudland Blue Quartet - Souvenir XX - Starlightnight Live
Die Aerzte - Planet Punk
Goodbye Mr Mackenzie - Five
Longpigs - The Sun Is Often Out
Dave Matthews Band - Stand Up
Beach House - Devotion
Herbert Groenemeyer - Chaos
Marius-Mueller Westernhagen - Affentheater
Edgar Froese - Dalinetopia
Wolfram der Spyra - Kassels akusticher Stadtplan
Smolik - Smolik
Replicants - Replicants
Rhonda Harris - Rhonda Harris
Bay - Alison Rae
The Waltons - Lik My Trakter
Sonya Kitchell - Words Come Back to Me
Blumfeld - L'Etat et Moi
Dada - Puzzle
El-p - Fandam plus
Xboct u AykIIbIoh - Xnneu Bepwnh
Kieran McGee - Left For Dead

Rained all day again...

Battery in my jukebox ran out on the way down for the bus so music-less all day - mind you, I was listening to me so no great loss...


In the evening, some TV with Annie - unintentional comedic death on Corrie - cheese on toast...

Some very bad acting has strayed into this soap - not to mention some awful storylines - downturn...

"Have I Got News For You" and "Not Going Out" both good...

At ten, upstairs and decided to just play a few tracks - chose mostly albums I've bought and never really played, including a Longpigs CD I purchased in New York thirteen years ago and tonight was the first time I've ever played a track from it...

A symptom of too much CD buying perhaps...

Just playing some CDs was enjoyable...

Highlight of the Day : Unintentional comedic death on Corrie

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