Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 43

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 43...

This week's two hour cloudcast brings you two dozen tasty treats, including four covers by Alice Cooper from his new live set, four tracks from Yello and its constituent parts, two songs from Canadian songwriter Justin Rutledge, brand new power pop from OK Go, Mike Garson's take on a David Bowie standard, while Mr B is also present himself with a cheeky wee hit single...

There's some dark ambience from Thomas Köner and, from the imminent "Morphinecodex" set, Cloudland Blue Quartet...

There's a smidgen of classical from Beethoven and Bach and some prog related stuff from Rush, Trevor Rabin, Pink Floyd and Roger Waters...

But we kick off with some seventies classics from Mott, Quo and Elton...

All of which have entertained during the last seven days...

...and during which time, light entered the CBQ camera thus...

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Press play and away we go...

Mott The Hoople - All The Way From Memphis  5:03
from "Mott"

Status Quo - Down Down  3:50
from "On the Level"

Elton John - Your Song  4:04
from "Elton John"

David Bowie - Golden Years  4:02
from "Station To Station"

Mike Garson - Life on Mars  5:28
from "The Bowie Variations"

OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out  3:08
from "Hungry Ghosts"

Beethoven - Piano Sonata #23 In F Minor, Op. 57, Andante Con Moto  6:11
from "Alfred Brendel : Beethoven Piano Concerto #5, Piano Sonata, Op. 57"

J S Bach - Lute Suite In G Minor, BWV 995, Praeludium  6:52
from "Walter Gerwig : Music For Lute"

Justin Rutledge - Heather In The Pines  7:54
from "Valleyheart"

Justin Rutledge - Looking For A Place To Happen  6:08
from "Daredevil"

Boris Blank - Cigarette Girl  1:48
from "Avant Garden Vol. 1"

Yello - Lost Again  4:21
from "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess"

Dieter Meier - Lazy Night  3:25
from "Out Of Chaos"

Boris Blank - Aqua Marine  4:42
from "Rote Fabrik"

Thomas Köner  - Novaya Zemlya 2  12:51
from "Novaya Zemlya"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Pastoral Province  7:25
from "Morphinecodex"

Alice Cooper - Break On Through  3:27
Alice Cooper - Revolution  2:56
Alice Cooper - Foxy Lady  3:51
Alice Cooper - My Generation  3:03
from "Raise the Dead : Live From Wacken"

Rush - Territories  6:21
from "Power Windows"

Trevor Rabin - Market Street  5:36
from "Jacaranda"

Pink Floyd - Pigs on the Wing Pts 1 & 2  2:29
from "Animals"

Roger Waters - Amused To Death  9:06
from "Amused To Death"

Hope you enjoy this week's selection and will pop by again next week for another weekly playlist from Mr CBQ...

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