Saturday, October 04, 2014

Weekly Playlist No 40

Welcome to the Cloudland Blue Weekly Playlist No 40...

This week's two hour cloudcast comprises 33 tracks, including two newly acquired quartets (by Rihm and Giubaidulina) along with nineteen pieces from my favourite classical acquisitions of the year so far; plus three tracks from Brian Eno recommendation, Fela Kuti, a quartet of group and solo tracks from Canadian faves Rheostatics, a live track from the latest Dream Theater release and no less than four tracks from the upcoming Cloudland Blue Quartet album "Morphinecodex"...

All of which have entertained during the last seven days...

...during which time, light entered the CBQ camera thus...

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Press play and away we go...

Fela Kuti - Eko Ile  6:41
from "Afrodisiac"

Rheostatics - Earth / Monsterous Hummingbird  4:55
from "Introducing Happiness"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Through Approach (Short Detail)  3:00
from "Morphinecodex (Short Details)"

Gubaidulina - String Quartet No. 1 (edit)  6:57
from "Gubaidulina String Quartet No. 1"

Reimann - Theme  0:28
from "Reimann: Piano Works (Complete)"

Sallinen - Winter Was Hard, Op 20  1:46
from "Kronos Quartet - Winter Was Hard"

J S Bach - Brandenburg Concerto #3 In G, BWV 1048, Adagio  0:55
from "Amsterdam Guitar Trio - Bach Chopin Debussy Faure"

Rubbra - String Quartet No2 Op.73, Scherzo polimetric (Vivace assai)  2:47
from "Edmund Rubbra - The Four String Quartets"

Hindemith - Nervositaet  0:44
from "Hindemith: Toros Can Piano"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Terminal III (Short Detail)  3:01
from "Morphinecodex (Short Details)"

Tippett - Piano Sonata No 1, Presto  3:49
from "Tippett: Piano Sonatas No. 1 - 3"

Dowland - Mistresse Nichols Almand  0:57
from "Lacrimae, Or Seaven Teares"

Feldman - Two Pieces, Allegro  0:40
from "Music For Cello"

Haydn - Hob V 8 Finale, Presto  1:31
from "Haydn - Streichtrios"

Dream Theater - The Looking Glass (Live) 4:46
from "Breaking The Fourth Wall"

Fela Kuti - O D O O (Edit Version)  6:54
from "The Best Of The Black President"

Martin Tielli - Farmer In The City 7:49
from "We Didn't Even Suspect He Was The Poppy Salesman"

Pedersen - A Sound Year, April (edit)  6:59
from "Pedersen: A Sound Year"

Hartmann  - String Quartet Nº 2 (1945/46), Presto  6:48
from "Hartmann String Quartets 1&2"

Klein - Sonaten Für Violincello Und Basso Continuo Op 4 No 2, Adagio  2:35
from "Klein 6 Cello Sonatas"

J S Bach - Viola Da Gamba Sonata #2 In D BWV 1028, Adagio  1:41
from "JS Bach; J C Bach : Sonatas for Viola Da Gamba"

Scelsi - Memories  3:46
from "Scelsi: Natura Renovatur"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - The Rosenquist Event (Short Detail)  3:11
from "Morphinecodex (Short Details)"

Scriabin - Piano Sonata #4 In F Sharp, Op 30, Andante  3:06
from "Scriabin: Piano Sonatas #1, 4, 5, 7 & 9"

Zemlinsky - String Quartet No 2 Op.15, mit energischer Entschlossenheit  3:24
from "String Quartets 1 & 2"

C P E Bach - Sonata in E flat major BWV 1031, Siciliana  2:23
from "C.P.E. Bach: Complete Flute Sonatas"

Crawford Seeger - String Quartet "1931", Leggiero  2:04
from "Pacifica String Quartet - Declarations"

Dohl - 8 Portraits, No 1 Sonnenauge  0:39
from "Friedhelm Dohl Edition, Vol. 2 : Musik fur Klavier"

Rihm - String Quartet No 10 (edit)  7:57
from "Rihn : String Quartets"

Cloudland Blue Quartet - Several Cars (Short Detail)  3:02
from "Morphinecodex (Short Details)"

Rheostatics - Making Progress  5:31
from "2067"

Rheostatics - P.I.N.  3:38
from "Night of the Shooting Stars"

Fela Kuti - Gbagada Gbagada Gbagodo Gbogodo  9:20
from "Open & Close"


john16j3 said...

Wonderful stuff as always. Since you are a big Rheo's et al fan, have you heard of Dave Clarks's current project called The Woodshed Orchestra or his earlier Dinner is Ruined project? Also here's a recent article Dave Bidini wrote for The National Post...

David Quartet said...

Hi John - thanks for the encouragement - I didn't think this particular episode would be too popular given the mostly classical content but I am buoyed by your enthusiasm...

Thanks too for the heads up re Dave Clarke - I will investigate - and the feature from Mr Bidini is bang on re the music "business" these days - it's interesting to compare and contrast with his writing in "On a Cold Road" - the two kind of book-ending the popularity of the Rheos...

I love the Bidiniband's three albums too - just waiting for more from Violet Archers and Mr Tielli of course but it's all gone quiet...

Best to you and thanks for listening...